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  1. Hey! I'm an experienced female sub seeking a pet of her own. Things I am willing to do: Allow you to play with others Be your friend, confidant, and protector Provide you with a place to call home if you wish Teach you about BDSM if you are looking to learn Teach you about Bloodlines if you wish Things I am not willing to do: Play with you myself - this is a hard limit with me, I do not have any sexual encounters on SL I'd love to chat with anyone who's interested! Send me a NC in world or chat me if I'm online! <3 Selene
  2. 1 sky box and 1 ground level cottage available, prim usage is flexible if more or less is needed! Skybox - http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Trabushkja/166/200/301 Ground - http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Trabushkja/183/204/33
  3. Hi there! I'm looking for a medieval RP to join or just someone to RP with as a servant or friend. Message me here or in game!
  4. Hi there! I'm new too. I enjoy many of those interests Hit me up in game!
  5. RL 24 year old female looking for someone to show me the ropes!
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