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  1. That's on me, wrong link, my bad! I'll fix it. Here's the right one https://drive.google.com/open?id=1wpP2d_WLLAynbfZXvjH5Cgc4fzrzGuU7
  2. Hi there! I'm looking for people to help me build a fun new RP sim. Looking for builders and investors, I've already got a great idea. I've been on SL for 4 years so far and I love the RP community, but a lot of good sims have gone under lately. I want to recapture what I loved about some of those and share it with everyone! The lore actually comes from the background I wrote for a previous character on a past sim. I've put it all together in a Google Drive folder so feel free to look and comment. Keep in mind I can tweak stuff as needed, but it should serve as a good foundation. If you're interested, leave a reply or IM me inworld! Drive link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1wpP2d_WLLAynbfZXvjH5Cgc4fzrzGuU7 Profile link: secondlife:///app/agent/12c2afc1-90a4-4027-924c-7f5e0b5a36dd/about
  3. Nevermind. They moved it from the Contact Information page to the Change Email page. Need to update the hyperlinks.
  4. I used to have mine on, then while trying to figure out how to turn it on for a friend, I turned mine off, and now I can't turn it on again. Did SL stop doing this?
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