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  1. People who...//me smiles I know its part of roleplay but it grinds my gears so bad when thats all they say 😂
  2. They meant Fall 2022 is when the Land Store will be open again.
  3. "quickly". As in by the end of the year Im guessing as its now in the middle of Feb. I would get a full region but for that amount of money...And turnaround response time seems to be unknown... And the fact its taking longer to fix than it should...Im not risking buying through a ticket. Ive waited an ungodly amount of time for this service to return.
  4. I'm pretty sure they have been attempting to uplift data from floppy drives to the cloud.
  5. Every time LL "resolves" something, they break something else. Me walking into LL HQ telling them to get their crap together:
  6. You just want to hit on women in peace and pretend their dude isnt standing behind her. 😂
  7. Why not provide the ability for people to create their own last names instead of choosing from a list? Wumkins and Yeetly. Seriously? I was going to change mine but after seeing this list...nah. Most people go by display names anyways.
  8. Does anyone know of any clothing stores that also sell Freya that are not on the mp?
  9. Oh she will find them. The last one was the Dead Dollz Go Ask Alice gacha collection. Really nice dress and outfit... Maitreya exclusive. And that's pretty recent I believe.
  10. OK so my wife wears Belleza Freya, the 2nd most popular mesh body in SL and my personal favorite. She loves clothes shopping but everything she wants is Maitreya exclusive. We go to alot of events and at least 80% of the clothing is exclusive to Maitreya. Why is this? Now she's thinking of getting Maitreya...this is not right! Making people feel like they need to change bodies so they can wear what they like is a horrible idea.
  11. Once a cheater, always a cheater. A woman's first mistake is always letting the guy back in. Go find better.
  12. Never ask questions here that the majority will disagree with because they will go off topic and derail it. But I do agree with you that first impressions matter and the default avatars have always been horrible. Simply updating them with mesh and different clothing styles isn't enough. I would add different shapes and sizes. Facial expressions too.
  13. System and mesh should not even be in the same sentence lol
  14. Never follow the crowd. Who cares who judges you. In the end, you always do you lol. My gripe with the combination is due to a personal preference. I think it looks bad but that doesnt mean those people doing that are ugly. Beauty is on the inside, is it not?
  15. It just looks horrible when people do that. I see it all the time. They dont want to part with their freebie default head they worked so hard on to make it "look good and part their being" and yet walk around with a body that has zero matching capabilities with the head. If that's your thing then that's your thing, I just find it low quality and horrid. I mean, its actually kinda funny the amount of time some people have spent working on their default head and then go and buy a mesh body and walk around thinking they look good and only listen to the people who tell them they look good a
  16. I never said it looked disgusting. I said combining the two was disgusting.
  17. Well, I beg to differ. Rent a whole sim lol. I love mine haha.
  18. I have never seen a good looking system head. Ever. And honestly, attempting to combine system heads and mesh body is disgusting. Go full mesh or stay full default but please, for the love of god, dont combine them.
  19. Phantom furniture, houses, parts of walls, cars, etc are super annoying. I've bought a few items off marketplace that were like that and trashed them instantly upon finding out. There's no point in doing that. So sometimes you get "launched" a few feet in the air when standing up...who cares. Id rather get launched by my furniture than walk through it lol
  20. That's sounds more like a submissive or babygirl, honestly.
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