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  1. HI everyone. I'm Lilwhiterose aka Rose, ive been looking and looking for something that needs a td model. A mag or store, something. Cause I love to model and the different clothes I can wear, and being photographed. If anyone knows anything let me know ^^ Also NO adult stuff just in case anyone ask.
  2. Hi everybody. Im Rosie and I has good news for all you toddlers and children outs there. I'm creating the FIRST magazine just for kids and I looking for some staff members. Models, Photographers, and even people who loves to explore and do different tings. We need to come together and makes this magazine the best one out there. All who are interested IM lilwhiterose (Rosie Bryony Setnakt) GOODS LUCK EVERYONES^^
  3. Thank you, I'm currently at heritage adoption, put up a panel and everything. Ill be sure to take my time in chooseing a family.
  4. Hi, i'm Little Rose and i'm 7 years old and my favorite color is purple. I'm a shy girl but I love to play and swing ^^ And i like going different place too. Like,like the beach or woods or anywhere really -giggle-...i've been looking for a family who loves me so i hope i will find someone soon .Untill then i guess i'll just play by myself ^^ If you are interested in adopting this little girl please IM me at LilWhiteRose or reply. Thanks ^^
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