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  1. I don't think you can play SL and leave RL feelings completely out of it, unless you are constantly just having flings everywhere you go and never making friends. Even friendships in sl require some type of real human emotion. And yes, I'm one of those people who have been hurt here a few times, but for some reason I keep on coming back.
  2. *Waves her hand in the air* I'm a black player who also has a black avi. Very hard finding decent dark skin here sometimes, but I wouldn't choose to be anyone else.
  3. I don't ask for references, I just hang out with people and see what happens since actions speak louder than words. I also don't submit to just anyone, as my submission is a gift that is earned by a select few both irl and in sl. There's currently one person I'm interested in submitting to in sl, and as of right now he's the only one I will kneel to because he has earned both my trust and respect as a friend and a Dominant.
  4. Hey Yunnkei. My Master and I are looking for some friends too. I'll pm you inworld.
  5. Sometimes it's nice to take a break from sl after a breakup. I've done it twice now. First time was after my sl lover turned rl boyfriend and eventually ex-boyfriend, died in rl. I left sl for about 4 years that time. Then I met another guy, and after he poofed on me to be with someone else, I left for another two years until I could come back without thinking about him and wanting to do nothing but sit around in my house.
  6. My avi is black just like me in RL. However, because she isn't very dark most people assume she's just very tan and I sometimes get messages asking if I want to be with a black guy just to see how it is or if I want black babies. Thankfully that's the closest thing I've noticed regarding racism in sl. I will say though that it's hard to find a decent black skin that doesn't cost a small fortune in this game. That sucks, but whatever.
  7. Friends with benefits is pretty low to be honest. Not like bottom of the barrel or anything, but if it's a one nighter I honestly don't care if your avi looks like it came from a freebie store as long as you have the right equipment and some handle on the English language since that's what I speak. Long term relationships is way different. I get bored easily and need someone who can stimulate me mentally on a higher level. Otherwise I'm out, no matter how good you look.
  8. I've been on sl on and off for 10 years and have had only 2 partnerships.
  9. I would hope someone would let my partner know. It would make his night, lol.
  10. Nope, even if it is tempting. I did it once with my ex boyfriend almost 10 years ago and vowed to never do it again. He almost ruined sl for me when we broke up.
  11. I hope you find what you're looking for. Turns out my sl hubby has a hot wife fetish, that I didn't know I would love until I tried it. Now I'm not even sure if I could go back to monogamy if we broke up. Being a ***** is wayyyy too much fun haha.
  12. This sounds more like an ad for a roommate than a husband and some kids. But maybe that's just me.
  13. Not seeing each other for a week is hard (I should know since I haven't seen my lover since our son was born on Sunday, and it's currently Friday ), but this can be rectified by talking as you mention. Maybe explain to him how important it is that you see him online at least a few times a week and that things won't work for you if you can't. No point waiting around in sl for someone who won't put in the effort to make time with you a priority.
  14. I experienced this with my ex fiance in sl. A huge red flag was him wanting to move way too fast, even for sl standards. My best friend told me to be careful but I chose to believe him because why not give people the benefit of the doubt? Eventually he ghosted me and within a week had some new arm candy while I got ignored. So my advice is to really get to know the person and try not to move too fast. Easier said than done, especially with a medium like second life that makes every date feel like you've won yourself a spot on the final episode of the Bachelor, but hey that's all I can say
  15. I'm a woman in RL and hate using voice with the exception of my SL lover. 99% of the time when I'm on SL, I'm multitasking by listening to music and/or writing. So most of my talking involves long awkward pauses unless I'm really in the mood to be talking to someone.
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