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  1. You can try write a message to the customer service in other language (see him/her profile). You can write a report about the owner and the fraud object with your viewer. You bought something, the transaction is in your L$ Transaction History.
  2. Jules1979

    script error

    I bought this HUD and I am using it now (I am wearing it on my avatar.). I haven't got script error, is working good.
  3. Click Avatar avatar button  to change your avatar to one of the free provided avatars.
  4. Jules1979


    If you can create affiliate vendors, the store owners can buy them on the Marketplace.
  5. You can find some very good freeware hardware monitoring and diagnostic functionality software on the internet. If your hardware is working good, maybe driver problem or operating system problem. I crash sometimes when I teleport to a laggy place, but is not blank screen.
  6. The groups are working good, they are not laggy, thank you very much LL! :-)
  7. How is your Plantpets? :matte-motes-grin:
  8. Now with Firestorm: http://prntscr.com/9cof89
  9. 1. The join button non-existant. When I create a group. On SL website i can see that i am the owner, but if I see with the Viewer, the owner is nobody. 3 & 4. Firestorm-Relasex64 (Win7) and Lumyia (Android)
  10. Why can't they join the group when invited? When the greeter send a popup for them, they can't join because the system is laggy (Tested from Hungary and from Puerto Rico). Do they receive an error message? No error message, just we can't join, leave, create groups. Can they join the group via Search? The search is working, the website is working good. In the viewer the groups commands doesn't work good, because the system is very slow. Can you provide the name of the group? It's not relevant, all groups. Link: https://community.secondlife.com/t5/Controls/Created-a-group-but-it-is-not-showing-me-as-the-creator-or/qaq-p/2984699
  11. Thanks your help. I am a correct user but with mistakes. I sent a group invite some users. How can I correct this mistake. I don't want spamming. So the group invite is spam. How can I invite the users to my group if they can't join to the group?
  12. Hello! In last days the users can't join, leave and create groups at nights. This is a big problem for us. The group is money the advertisments are money. If I send a group invite is this spam? If the groups are not working good, what can I do? Thank you the answers, Jules Freya Mokusei: Is the group invite messaging or just a command?
  13. The groups are not working on SL. This is a big problem. I can't create, invite or leave.
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