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  1. Hello Everybody,

    I have a little question. The vampire contents (not sexual content) are adult, moderate or general things?
    The vampirism (concept) basicly over 18+ i think (in the real life).

    I was read the "Second Life Listing Policies" these contents are general things, but the users who are used these vampire contents,
    they are adults.

    I set the maturity level of these things to adult at the marketplace, i try to protect the kids.
    And I was read, the vampirism is general content. Really?

    Thank your help guys.

  2. The Second Life is very slow in Europe 1 week ago.

    The time is here 2am, the network is good, but the Second Life is slow.

    - network test: ok
    - http connections test: ok
    - firestorm viewer tested with other grid: ok (fast)

  3. I understand you, is true. This is our second life, our second home, and we can make it better. I hope I can read a lot of "real" events in the future. I think this area of SL needed moderation.

    If I am thinking as a company owner... and if I want invest money into the SL, the promotions will important for me....

  4. I found an event on SL website (id=6763250). I am here, the place is empty, the host is offline, the owner is offline. I can't ask about them products, so I think this is a simple advertisment... or not?

    After 10 min...

    Lets see the next event (id=6787787). "- WE WILL PAY YOU $890 PER HOUR AS A MODEL-" wow is good but... "get some clothes you think will look good on you for the picture to apply. STORE CLOTHES ONLY-". Host is offline, owner is offline. If you are credulous, you will buy clothes if you want be a model.

  5. I used this sctipt on my land.

    // Group gift / join script released into public domain by Qie Niangao, 2009.key GROUP_KEY = "GROUP_KEY";// Get the GROUP_KEY from its web page, found with// Search / All or from// http://search.secondlife.com/web/search/groups/?q="Group Name"// At the bottom of the group's web page is its URL,// the end of the URL is the group's key.string GIVING_MSG = "Thanks for your interest, and please enjoy your gift!";string JOIN_MSG = "You need to be a member of the group to get the gift.  If you're not a member, type Control-H to get the chat history, and click on the following blue-highlighted text, then Join.  ";string NOT_ACTIVE_MSG = "Or perhaps you're already a member and just don't have this group active at the moment; if so, click on the following text, choose the group from the list, and Activate.  ";string FOLDER_NAME = "Gift from Group Name";// ____________________________________________// END OF STUFF MOST USERS WOULD WANT TO CHANGE// --------------------------------------------string GROUP_URI = "secondlife:///app/group/";list giftContents;default{    state_entry()    {        // In lieu of other specs, we'll just give everything in the object's inventory except this script        // in a new folder named FOLDER_NAME.        integer invIdx = llGetInventoryNumber(INVENTORY_ALL) - 1;        string scriptName = llGetScriptName();        for (; invIdx >= 0; invIdx--)        {            string invItemName = llGetInventoryName(INVENTORY_ALL, invIdx);            if (invItemName != scriptName)                giftContents += invItemName;        }        if ([] == giftContents)            state no_contents;        else            llWhisper(0, "Will give folder named \"" + FOLDER_NAME + "\" containing these items: "                + llDumpList2String(giftContents, ", "));    }    changed(integer change)    {        if (CHANGED_INVENTORY & change)            llResetScript();    }    touch_start(integer total_number)    {        key toucher = llDetectedKey(0);        if (llSameGroup(toucher))        {            llInstantMessage(toucher, GIVING_MSG);            llGiveInventoryList(toucher, FOLDER_NAME, giftContents);            return;        }        llInstantMessage(toucher, JOIN_MSG + GROUP_URI + (string)GROUP_KEY + "/about\n"            + NOT_ACTIVE_MSG + GROUP_URI + "list/show");    }}state no_contents{    state_entry()    {        llWhisper(DEBUG_CHANNEL, "Nothing to give; please add one or more gift items.");    }    changed(integer change)    {        if (CHANGED_INVENTORY & change)            llResetScript();    }}
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