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  1. Thank you your help Alwin!
  2. Hello Everybody, I have a little question. The vampire contents (not sexual content) are adult, moderate or general things? The vampirism (concept) basicly over 18+ i think (in the real life). I was read the "Second Life Listing Policies" these contents are general things, but the users who are used these vampire contents, they are adults. I set the maturity level of these things to adult at the marketplace, i try to protect the kids. And I was read, the vampirism is general content. Really? Thank your help guys.
  3. Come and win a Blood Vial! The time is ticking... http://www.slbloodlines.com/haunts/11197
  4. I sent a message to you Princesscml.
  5. Hello, Live DJ looking for a job. If you are hiring dj, please write me a message here.DEMO RECORD
  6. Hi, Can you show your products? (Marketplace link or other)
  7. 1. Try to use the SL viewer. 2. Don't use other software what generate too much network traffic. 3. When you are login into Second Life, choose a fast simulator, and you must give a little time for your computer. Good luck!
  8. Jules1979

    very slow

    The Second Life is very slow in Europe 1 week ago. The time is here 2am, the network is good, but the Second Life is slow. - network test: ok - http connections test: ok - firestorm viewer tested with other grid: ok (fast)
  9. Estate:Jessica Type:Full Region Zoning:Light Commercial Language:English Features:Breeding Island Sim Sim:Lorena Brown Rating:Moderate Texture:Grass Theme:No theme 514 prims 749L / week http://slurl.com/secondlife/Lorena%20Brown/97/64/19
  10. I understand you, is true. This is our second life, our second home, and we can make it better. I hope I can read a lot of "real" events in the future. I think this area of SL needed moderation. If I am thinking as a company owner... and if I want invest money into the SL, the promotions will important for me....
  11. I found an event on SL website (id=6763250). I am here, the place is empty, the host is offline, the owner is offline. I can't ask about them products, so I think this is a simple advertisment... or not? After 10 min... Lets see the next event (id=6787787). "- WE WILL PAY YOU $890 PER HOUR AS A MODEL-" wow is good but... "get some clothes you think will look good on you for the picture to apply. STORE CLOTHES ONLY-". Host is offline, owner is offline. If you are credulous, you will buy clothes if you want be a model.
  12. Logins to Second Life have been temporarly disabled. Please monitor the Grid Status page for updates. http://status.secondlifegrid.net
  13. I am using this button. 
  14. You can find it on the group profie. 
  15. I used this sctipt on my land. // Group gift / join script released into public domain by Qie Niangao, 2009.key GROUP_KEY = "GROUP_KEY";// Get the GROUP_KEY from its web page, found with// Search / All or from// http://search.secondlife.com/web/search/groups/?q="Group Name"// At the bottom of the group's web page is its URL,// the end of the URL is the group's key.string GIVING_MSG = "Thanks for your interest, and please enjoy your gift!";string JOIN_MSG = "You need to be a member of the group to get the gift. If you're not a member, type Control-H to get the chat history, and click on the following blue-highlighted text, then Join. ";string NOT_ACTIVE_MSG = "Or perhaps you're already a member and just don't have this group active at the moment; if so, click on the following text, choose the group from the list, and Activate. ";string FOLDER_NAME = "Gift from Group Name";// ____________________________________________// END OF STUFF MOST USERS WOULD WANT TO CHANGE// --------------------------------------------string GROUP_URI = "secondlife:///app/group/";list giftContents;default{ state_entry() { // In lieu of other specs, we'll just give everything in the object's inventory except this script // in a new folder named FOLDER_NAME. integer invIdx = llGetInventoryNumber(INVENTORY_ALL) - 1; string scriptName = llGetScriptName(); for (; invIdx >= 0; invIdx--) { string invItemName = llGetInventoryName(INVENTORY_ALL, invIdx); if (invItemName != scriptName) giftContents += invItemName; } if ([] == giftContents) state no_contents; else llWhisper(0, "Will give folder named \"" + FOLDER_NAME + "\" containing these items: " + llDumpList2String(giftContents, ", ")); } changed(integer change) { if (CHANGED_INVENTORY & change) llResetScript(); } touch_start(integer total_number) { key toucher = llDetectedKey(0); if (llSameGroup(toucher)) { llInstantMessage(toucher, GIVING_MSG); llGiveInventoryList(toucher, FOLDER_NAME, giftContents); return; } llInstantMessage(toucher, JOIN_MSG + GROUP_URI + (string)GROUP_KEY + "/about\n" + NOT_ACTIVE_MSG + GROUP_URI + "list/show"); }}state no_contents{ state_entry() { llWhisper(DEBUG_CHANNEL, "Nothing to give; please add one or more gift items."); } changed(integer change) { if (CHANGED_INVENTORY & change) llResetScript(); }}
  16. Is not too hard... php, mysql, lsl. :-) But I must listen to the TOS, is important. I don't want start something if is not allowed by LL.
  17. I don't speak about gaming system. A little easier... if I have a store and you want buy a t-shirt and you give me a texture (now your texture is a token) for the t-shirt. Can I allow it? This is exchange but not token exchange. Virtual good exchange.
  18. My example: you can earn activity points on a website. When you click to the withdraw button, the website gives you a unique code. You can use this code inworld, and the vendor will gives you the virtual good.
  19. I asked this, because i don't want work on it, if is not allowed by the TOS.
  20. I found a vendor on the Marketplace with this function.
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