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  1. Well Drake, if you have a newer post so that I can discuss my issue in, you could always share it with me..I was trying to get some information that I needed so that i could understand why things get flagged..Gotta love when grown "mature" people come on a "discussion" forum and ridicule people for discussing.
  2. im not talking about words like this, yes for this they should get flagged..but im not the ones using words like this for my items..
  3. and I think if other players can tag other peoples items, it should be more difficult.. like they should have to give an exact reason why they don't feel the item is listed properly and the person that they are tagging against should be able to know who is tagging their items
  4. Honestly, I don't believe someone does..i just had to re-list like 150 items..some of them have been on the mp for months without anyone bothering them.. So, I'm assuming someone with to much time on their hands decided they wanted to be funny and go through my whole mp and just flag a **bleep** load of items!
  5. okay how bout this one? i have the tres blah robes listed 1 version is closed 1 version is open.. someone flagged it for multiple listing?
  6. If they are full shoe (boots, non peek toe ect) you could just remove your feet
  7. Sometimes it really is bs, indeed.. I had a item called "Moon Elixir - Coven - 15 - Maitreya - Shirt - White" under "blouse" and someone flagged it..tell me that this item is not a blouse.. unless the dummy that is flagging stuff does not know the definition of what a blouse is..This is just an example of some of the things i have to take the time to look into to make sure that there isnt a better catagory and reposting but its really time consuming if that person has a vendeta against you for some reason or maybe just too much time on her/his hands and flags 20-30 things on your mp.. I'm not sure of how they verify if it is a legit flag or not or even if they do check them.. I dont have a problem with taking a flag if i legit posted something incorrectly but maybe the person flagging should have to give an example of the catagory they think is a bitter fit!
  8. this is not true..i had an item that was flagged because they said it was supposed to be marked as "Adult" there was nothing sexual about the item..
  9. OKay i have a couple of t-shirts on mp that have saying like "it's 420 somewhere" and ""420 time" and someone keeps flagging them for illegal drugs items.. So people can make furniture that have "rape" emotes and ive seen things having to do with crack and other weed related items, prostitution everywhere in sl..but im getting flagged for these silly little shirts?
  10. Hi Shyy, how much land are you looking to buy? Do u want land that is on a beach or has ll oceans nearby?
  11. Connected to several Linden seas. Great for sailing, marina, residential subdivision, amusement park, nightclubs, etc. Linden Road, too!! Nice mountaintop for more views of other bodies of water. AMAZING! Asking 5,500L obo for the 3,184 m2! If interested in buying, please come check it out! Any questions, please feel free to IM me, I will answer back, unless I am afk for some reason :) Fun Fact that i didnt know about when I 1st started buying land is that you not only have the ground to build on..You can build in the sky up to 4,096meters! (as long as you stay in you land parameters) http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Silversides/121/19/34
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