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  1. I demo'd this today and do love the fact the INCLUDED fit deformers in the demo means I can wear all my Maitreya clothes to "demo" . WOOT! But which head to wear!!! I have Vista which is Omega friendly. There are designers out there already doing skins for legacy, but not many do good Omega, and as the skin demo's are not in the legacy style HUD, that makes it really hard and what happens when Baked on Mesh arrives? will Omega still be around? Just food for thought.. The legacy body looks great naked though and if I were to buy it, that would be why. I imagine it will look good in photo's too. I will not be buying it cos I HATE the alpha hud. and wish they would adopt one similar to maitreya. And you DONT have to stay in the store, go to Catwa pay 1l and get the demo body there..
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