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  1. I own a Full Region Surfing SIM and I would like to move my SIM to have access to sailing & boating. Are there any Private Island groups or Community Land Partnership who are accepting new full region neighbors? Teddy Bear
  2. Is there a custom Windlight Setting that will display a Solar eclipse?
  3. I took your advice and visited each community. I selected the mushroom house as my new SL Home Thank you for your help Teddy Bear
  4. Hello my name is Holly, I am 8 days old in SL and this is my second Forum posting. As a premium account holder I get a free Linden Home. I have decided it’s time to go looking for my Linden Home Linden Homes come in several themed communities; Tahoe - Rustic cabin retreats with winding roads among hills and pine forests.Elderglen - Fantasy dwellings with winding roads around hills and giant trees.Sahreta Osumai - Traditional Japanese homes nestled in picturesque areas with mossy rocks and colorful trees.Meadowbrook - California modern suburban homes with decks perfect for barbeques!Each themed community comes with four styles of individual Linden Homes, so I have 16 choices of individual Linden Homes. Can I tour model homes in each themed community? Is there a Linden Homes realtor? I would like to walk through individual Linden Homes and check out the neighborhood before making my decision. Enjoying exploring SL, Holly and her Teddy Bears
  5. Sounds like fun Is this group still active?
  6. Lindall Kidd, I just read your blog posting, "Shall We Dance?" ---> Excellent. Wow, that was exactly what happened that evening and others evenings since. When your new to SL, you see experienced residents preforming actions so routinely, in this case rezzing temporary pose balls, that I had no idea what just happened. I just knew how special they are for creating a romantic environment. I will follow your advice and go only to clubs that contain dance machines. Tonight I am going to click on tha dance machine and set up the dance for my partner. Plus I really do not want an invisible red chim ball hanging from my butt....lol For someone like myself who is not very computer savvy, SL can be very intimidating. Although SL has a steep learning curve I am still having a wonderful experience. It's not only difficult to know what question to ask or even where the appropriate place to ask questions. I am so glad you understood that I simply wanted to learn "how to dance". Holly PS - I have no ide what rez means, but it looked to me like my partner was magically tossing out pose balls out on the dance floor
  7. Hello my name is Holly, I am only 3 days old in SL and this is my first Forum posting. The other night I was at this elegant ball room dance hall and this gentleman asks me to dance. We went out to the dance floor and he tosses the pose balls out. Once we activated the balls we began ball room dancing. I have never experience such a sensual feeling. I had a romantic evening. I felt transported into a gratifying experience of my senses in the virtual world. I want my own dance pose balls, so I can toss them out in any romantic setting. I want a variety of difference slow dances, and even hugging & kissing. I want to feel passion in my partner. Since I am a beginner, I would require the dance balls to be easy to use. I am willing to pay for $L to experience a virtual romantic evening with my partner. Passionate, Holly and her Teddy Bears
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