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  1. By the way my vehicle, which is a locomotive, is not Mesh (so it is made of prims) and set to Phantom, the vehicle script itself makes it Phantom the moment it start moving. OK I got it to work (sort of). What I did not know was that the 'rediect' prim needs to be a Physical object for this to work. However after the 'rediect', the vehicle becomes physical and goes crazy, turns sideways, goes off the track, then stops functioning.. I also get a script error: Can't enable physics for object with physics resource cost greater than 32. Not sure what to do about that. I am thi
  2. My apologies, I said him bit really did not know - force of habit. I have a number of things I will try next, including your idea as well. Thanks again.
  3. Works when you put either script in the original Prim that ad the Hover Text script in the first place. had a vehicle with 19 prims, once I got it into the correct one, it worked.
  4. So I tried to 3 other vehicles, even a very very simple ne running a free vehicle script. Nothing happened. So I have no idea what is wrong here. I also sent a notecard to the creator but have not ear d word form him. Being that this script is free I haven't wasted any money but it seemed so simple that is why I took it.
  5. The Vehicle script is not full perm. If it was full perm (something the designed might allow me to try), how would I determine it interferes with the KC Redirect script?
  6. The version of the KCP Redirect script I got from the marketplace is 1.0 so if there is a newer one, like you mentioned 1.01, I do not have that. So everything you mentioned I have checked twice. 1. You stated that the root prim needs to be COPY or COPY/TRANSFER. That is not stated in the instructions but I do have MODIFY/COPY permissions. Is this required? 2. Do the coordinates placed in the description have to be whole numbers? IE. No decimal values? 3. No spaces after the commas in the description? 4. Could the vehicles scripts themselves interfere with the KCP Redi
  7. I am trying to us what appears to be a very simple Vehicle Teleport script named KCP Redirect. I have followed the extremely simple instructions to a 'T' yet it does not function at all. It is a free script in the ML. Can anyone offer any advice or have any knowledge of this script? Yes I IM'd the author but have not heard back.
  8. I am looking for a set of Klingon eyebrows similar to those of Kruge in Star Trek III or those of General Martok. The left brow needs to show a vertical cut/break through the eyebrow to allow for a Scar my avatar has. Non-mesh avatar. KataH
  9. How is it that some people have been able to join parcels that do not share a common border? Even some abandoned land I am about to pruchase is to sections across the SLRR yet they are joined as one parcel. I also have a neighbor who owns two serpate parcels, no common border, yet they are joined together. Update 11/12/2015 - I got my answer from LL. Seems the property was a solid piece BEFORE the SLRR came through. The land was slipt but remainded 'Joined'. Over time the 'joined' land has been sold and resold many times.
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