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  1. Would it really be that hard to roll out an open first name/last name option for everyone? (well, the thread's called 'wishful thinking'...) As a plus, might it also encourage new users?
  2. I ❤️ salt ! Always carry around a few sachets of salt, so I can sprinkle it all over my baked potatoes. Or sometimes I just lick my finger and dab it in a big bag of salt for a quick-fix treat 😎 I reckon the 'experts' behind all these government health warnings about salt intake are just killjoys.
  3. Yeah, sorry about that. Days after joining SL, I learned about 'hard vore'. Amazed I didn't delete my account there and then.
  4. Yes, for most of my early SL 😎 Loads of people did it then - it wasn't hard to find vacant regions with perms left on. Or even sims with regularly logged-in owners oblivious to the squatters living 2,500m above ground. It usually fell apart when friends of friends of friends heard about the place and decided to 'move in' and clutter it with their high-prim tat. Which, to the owner, is probably poetic justice. You can hardly boot someone for griefing your skybox when you're not meant to be there yourself. I also liked the Hobo sims, you could pretty much 'live', work and build there without paying a linden. But my experience of public sandboxes is very different to Bree's - can't remember the chance to 'build quietly', they were like flipping warzones...or at least the ones I went to 😲
  5. I wouldn't go for a 2006 edition...but if there was a SL Classic 2010 pack, I'd get it in a heartbeat. ❤️ Might have to get a grief-proof vest, but no more jellydolls or mesh snobs 😤
  6. Was it Karu? Probably not, but it's bugging me now...fairly sure I know the brand you're talking about, it was great. I LOVED that cheapo store 'DUH!', especially the rubber duck raincoat and checkered 'sneaker boots' (EDIT - they're still on MP! And no, they're not paying me). Don't think they're inworld anymore, but they might be. Also BC322 Rockers/Black Maria, which had brilliant freebie/cheap clothes/hair that easily rivalled some of the best mesh designs. Does anybody remember the totally bonkers 'security staff' at Freebies World? Their rants in group chat used to be a daily highlight, almost performance art.
  7. I get this with certain electronic tracks from 2010. Instant flashback to chatting to Eastern European vampire boys with the cheesiest pick up lines ever. Even the Zyngo sound FX bring memories flooding back...
  8. I remember feeling I'd really come far by making it off Rez Island (or whatever it was called) and onto Orientation Island... Started running into other avatars and pushing them, like a true noob, because I couldn't believe all these people were actually real! Then one kicked me into the sea and I spent three weeks bugging him to pass me his brash kicker. Met up with some bad girls in a goth-industrial club and spent a very happy year roaming the grid, acting like a jackass. Was so much fun! I wish I could be a noob in the 2010-2012 era again. It was like Las Vegas crossed with Baghdad...on acid.
  9. My first experience of a SL sex club was a gay canine furry/human hangout called Man's Best Friend. I don't know how much more I can say on here... Making my first object inworld - even if it was just a fast-spinning KFC bucket that flew offworld within seconds... Sim raves with graphic card-killing particle-poofers and lasers...the wearable Pegasus freebie...winning $Ls on Bear Infohub trivia machine...dodging Spanish-speaking trainee vampires in Freebie Galaxy...shock, disgust and disappointment when you unboxed your free Ronja skin...people in clubs triggering the 'EXCELLENT' gesture every 60 seconds...the 'infamous' Palestine sim...
  10. It's not the number of clubs that's the problem, it's that so many of them are dull and identikit. Been to one country place, been to them all. So many places use the same interiors and play the same stale tunes. The indie and alternative clubs used to be different 6-7 years ago but are now as uniform as the rest. I don't envy anyone running a SL club though. Seems like a lot of grief with no financial reward. A huge amount of club owners seem to be women with kids - parenting skills come in useful when dealing with the majority of SL DJs, I hear :matte-motes-wink-tongue:
  11. Living on mainland and then setting up security orbs is like someone who craves rural isolation moving into a Brooklyn appartment, then complaining about the amount of people and noise. As Rizzy has helpfully suggested, if you want inworld isolation, buy an island and leave mainland to those of us who value interaction and interesting things happening!
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