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  1. I have one breast that is larger and heavier than the other. I also have a neurological disease of the face that, particularly if I brush it with a fingertip, raises up my mouth, nose, eye, and eyebrow a little on the right side, as well as a very consternated appearing, deeply grooved forehead; thus, I think yours are both excellent ideas! It freaking hurts like hades, but huzzah for realism! However... I don't want to be that realistic in SL. If I don't have to be gimpy, I'm not going to be gimpy.
  2. In that case, I might, in fact, be okay in RL & SL. -smiles and winks-
  3. In that case, I might, in fact, be okay in RL & SL. -smiles and winks-
  4. *giggles* That's not true of everyone in RL. But I'LL NEVER TELL!! Wait.. do you mean just one collarbone?
  5. Maggi... Anyways.. a couple of thoughts: A wise, successful creator once had in her profile, a whole rant about people making their arms too short. She explained in impressive detail, how the arms can be that -one- thing that you're unhappy about with your shape, but you can't figure it out. She went on to say that they are often best at close to 90%. I thought that was crazy, but when I changed mine, it made quite a huge difference! I note that your arms are a bit small in proportion to the rest of you, so maybe give it a try? If you'd like larger breasts, then don't forget th
  6. Maggi, I am SO grateful to have come across your post, as I also have been pondering these same questions for some time. I have been in SL for over 12 years. I have role played a lot, and I would usually keep at least 2 avies geared up at all times. I adore all colors in the human rainbow, the music, and fashion that gives dimension and brilliance to the different cultures. That said, I would love to have a couple of different races for potential rp, and/or photos; but I've been afraid of being offensive if I do that. I can't afford to keep up multiple avies now. It's really
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