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  1. I have one breast that is larger and heavier than the other. I also have a neurological disease of the face that, particularly if I brush it with a fingertip, raises up my mouth, nose, eye, and eyebrow a little on the right side, as well as a very consternated appearing, deeply grooved forehead; thus, I think yours are both excellent ideas! It freaking hurts like hades, but huzzah for realism! However... I don't want to be that realistic in SL. If I don't have to be gimpy, I'm not going to be gimpy.
  2. In that case, I might, in fact, be okay in RL & SL. -smiles and winks-
  3. In that case, I might, in fact, be okay in RL & SL. -smiles and winks-
  4. *giggles* That's not true of everyone in RL. But I'LL NEVER TELL!! Wait.. do you mean just one collarbone?
  5. Maggi... Anyways.. a couple of thoughts: A wise, successful creator once had in her profile, a whole rant about people making their arms too short. She explained in impressive detail, how the arms can be that -one- thing that you're unhappy about with your shape, but you can't figure it out. She went on to say that they are often best at close to 90%. I thought that was crazy, but when I changed mine, it made quite a huge difference! I note that your arms are a bit small in proportion to the rest of you, so maybe give it a try? If you'd like larger breasts, then don't forget the gravity. Big ones don't float unless you're in the water, haha. I have gotten to where I keep mine sort of large, but natural looking with some gravity, then if I'm wearing a corset, or some other sort of binding garment, then I pop the cleavage option on with my skin applier. You kind of have a pear shape happening. While, if you're going for a pretty drastic hip width, you're not going to have shoulders that are in proportion to it, but I do think yours could widen a little. I just have dealt with these things with my shape also. You probably have all this figured out already, 'cause you've had really wise individuals speaking to you about it. Either way, I hope you end up happy with yourself very soon! You can always get a mod shape that you like the looks of, and making sure it's 'mod', make a copy, and put your own face shape on it, and tweak the body a little. It might help?
  6. Maggi, I am SO grateful to have come across your post, as I also have been pondering these same questions for some time. I have been in SL for over 12 years. I have role played a lot, and I would usually keep at least 2 avies geared up at all times. I adore all colors in the human rainbow, the music, and fashion that gives dimension and brilliance to the different cultures. That said, I would love to have a couple of different races for potential rp, and/or photos; but I've been afraid of being offensive if I do that. I can't afford to keep up multiple avies now. It's really expensive. So, everyone would know my regular avie is as lily white as I am. Oh, also.. When I do wear another color of any sort, I just speak as per 'my normal'. Because one's skin color does not decide how one speaks, firstly, and secondly, it would, to me, be ignorant and rude to mimic my idea of how someone "should" or "might" speak. I would love perspectives/input. Happy Holidays! pix
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