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  1. Alot of places do not prevent it. Due to LL policies as well. THe ones that try to don't survive and disappear. Even places like Franks ELite jazz bar allow it. They are happy when gay couples come and are trying to find ways to get more people together.
  2. Bear Entertainment clubs (Engine, Tardis, Prodeo, Bearacuda) come here me mix on the fly live.
  3. Often the legal requirements are ignored and can lead to legal issues. I've seen a few people trying to be DJ's that do not have the real experience and understand the legalities fall fast and get hit by lawsuit then disappear. You can not bootleg music. You can not simply steal it from you tube (and people can tell its low quality off there anyway if they are actually even listening to you). You must use Licensed software permitted to stream and broadcast. You must used licensed music to broadcast, have purchased the content or own a licensed service rights to broadcast. Rea
  4. I state the same thing and I know the clubs he means. Ambrosia most probable oen of there's. Sadly I tried them out and left. I foudn it unprofessional, and the over talking making things up to fill in voice time was ridiculous and annoying. I mix live. I mix nonstop, I have real life experience to offer and while i great people I do so spanned out in a lum sum and then mix, make needed announcements. Voice is a requirement to be a good DJ, there is no doubt in that. Yet over doing it non stop is distracting and not entertainment. IF you are interrupting every song to speak, you are not mixing
  5. There is different levels to being a DJ. There are basic level DJs to say that do not mix live, use things such as SAM to basically auto playlist songs dropped in. THen basically sit back and chat while the work is done for them. This is the most common DJ on Secondlife. There are those that try to learn, ask how to become a real DJ, and invest in being such. They will learn to use the proper software, learn to mix live, can flow seamless song to song. OFten they do not have full equipment and only mix off the software using a keyboard and mouse, but learn to approach a venue
  6. With the decreasign user base on SL, and more peopel able to produe what they need, as well as no longer willing to put large amoutns of linden and funds into SL. Increasing product costs would not be the wise thing to do, it would actually cause firther issues on SL. For a long time things were over priced. Greed factors came into play. Tryign to cash out fror real money the main factor. However trign to make a livign off a virtual commerce isn't ever goign to be a stable factor. On other online plateforms it as atually led to people going into finicial ruins when it catchs up to them. T
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