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  1. I'm not insane, I just wasn't well informed, and one can't rely on a site like sl secrets for good information. I saw his stuff on the marketplace, saw that it was popular and just bought it thinking well, if it's on the mp with all these reviews, how bad can it be? (Btw, turns out I did purchase the sploder from the MP and did leave a negative review, he found a way to flag it and have it removed). I did manage to say something on his free stuff, it doesn't have the same effect but eh, its something. I hope with this new financial group that has acquired linden labs, that they will find a way to rate businesses in world, the way we do on the MP.
  2. He wouldn't register his bots as scripted agents because there would be no traffic to be made off of them, rendering his product inferior to other sploders out there. Think of it as killing two birds with one stone, the customer gets the traffic they want and he collects the lindens. Also, yes- he may have a site (as do other competing sploders companies) that tell customers where the largest pots are, however there tends to be a diversity in the people with the other sploder companies, but the reason they are not as big as what the voodoo sploder is is because the other ones collect an upfront 10-20% fee when you pay the sploder to feed the crowd, whereas voodoo's gave the illusion that they collected nothing . I kept getting the same limited-english speakers or ones that didn't speak at all. I sometimes had other events that required people to wear a certain color to win more lindens or do something else as simple as dance, but because their English was limited and/or bots, they never even participated, they all just focused on the sploder and would teleport to the same spots always (a real indication of a macro).
  3. I have filed the report in world on a linden lab land as suggestion, thanks to those who suggested that. I will try tomorrow to speak to a LIVE CHAT representative also to see what else they can so, or suggest I do to help end this man's fraud.
  4. No one here said he media exploits, I said he exploits his created sploder, so what you are saying is irrelevant. No one said the sploder owner (the non creator/buyer) sees personal info, so again irrelevant. Lastly, if a person purchases his sploder product to use for their company, your IP is automatically logged by him when you have to register your product, and that is NOT by consent.
  5. Wow... that is one hell of a coincidence and creepy. Like, what does it matter to him who was on another person's land that does not belong to him? What a effing weirdo! So gross.🤮
  6. Yes, you seem confused. You have to re-read that bit again, but I will try to explain it a bit here. I said: After realizing I no longer had service, I sent him an email asking him why, and he said because he didn't like where I placed my bots (they were by the sploder; it was a small dancing club so everything was practically near the sploder), and I became offended and concerned why it would matter to him. That's when the light switch went off, and I explain how and why. I also explain how unbeknownst to him, my bots were registered and just there as a way to galvanize the crowd, not for traffic inflation. Back when I started, IP gathering from a third party was illegal. If that has changed, that sucks because it is entrusting a bunch of people who do not necessarily have good intentions of with your location, and in-world identity of you and your alts which we all know can be used as a way to harass one's "game" play.
  7. It was one of the automatic button that was the play symbol which automatically played music, but I know what you mean. The whole crash course of the IP thing and why you should always avoid that getting into the wrong hands was from when I went down to the police station about the stalker (that's also when I learned that you can't just file a restraining order on someone who's harassing you on the internet with personal information until they actually reach out and attempt to do you harm lol, you can totally be dead by then) but yeah... this was all 8 years ago and I have no idea of what's changed.
  8. I have no idea, I think I read once that you can just restart your router and it will change your IP, but mine is all the way in the basement and I never tried that suggestion to see.
  9. Mine sticks, and when I was IP ban, on every account of mine I logged into, it didn't allow me to enter the region until they disabled it.
  10. Like what? I never downloaded anything from his website or anything. It was a just click to play thing that was embedded on his site.
  11. I saw lots of complaints about them from sticky websites like virtual secrets but that's the issue, you have no idea what to believe from a site like that and so you just go and try anyway. This is why I think it def would be a good investment for LL to create something that helps with this. I may be a SL'er with a decent amount of years under my belt that won't get scared off the platform like that, but what about new Suzie who's been here for less than a year and wants to have her hand at using this third-party service that sounds so good only to be burned. It's distasteful and can literally send people running for the hills, right off the platform.
  12. No, not anything someone has told me but rather what I had to go through on my own with an online stalker who phished me 8 years ago (this was not someone from SL but a person from another virtual platform). The person used to send links of music and stuff, and me being super naive would just click and listen to the tunes, not knowing that he was logging where I was. Yeah, he found me, I had to get the police involved and everything, but anyway... yeah, people can do more with your IP than you think.
  13. I explain it in my blog that is linked on my profile, I won't post it here cause you guys told me that it's against forum rules. No, I don't listen to music in public spaces, and yes when I read the TOS a few years ago, it was against the rules. They may have changed it, I don't know.
  14. Welp... I updated my profile on here and my second life profile of my blog link, hopefully that gets some attention. In all my years on here, I have never been so peeved as to pursue a wrongdoer so relentlessly, I take IP logging and flat out stealing very seriously. Here's another question, besides reporting in world (which let's face it, that seems to just get ignored often, also do you have to be around the person or their land to report them?), how would you guys go about reporting a "company" on SL that logged your IP sneakily without your consent and now uses it to disrupt your SL experience?
  15. It's not always about things that can be demo'ed, but rather in world third party services.
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