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  1. I did everything ,i did all your instructions activated my windows, updated my windows several times, updated my driver n install what i should ,reinstalled second life (clean) like you told me to but nothing seem to work for me.... i feel like giving up, maybe its juz my pc..thanks anyway
  2. I activated my windows ,updated my windows several times ,updated my Nvidia drivers ,reinstalled second life (clean), i did all i can and i follow your instructions But nothing seem to work for me... i better give up
  3. HELP! I havent been able to run Second life ever since i upgraded my PC to windows 8 , it says ''Second Life is unable to run because your video card drivers did not install properly, are out of date ,or are for unsupported hardware. Please make sure you have the latest video card drivers and even if you have the latest try reinstalling them.'' I tried everything, i updated my driver every week ,install latest Dx ,Microsoft visual C++2010 x86 (which i heard what every games needs). I look into forums for help who been facing same problem ,but none of the answer actually help, i havent been able to on SL for almost month now, i just want to have fun with my friends ,my lindens..i dont want all my stuff go to waste. If you need more information about my graphic card (im not very IT/or very knowledgable about PC) i hope these will help. http://sta.sh/21ltaiuzt86k?edit=1 I would really appreaciate if you help, i love Second life and i dont want to let it go so soon. It seems that im able to install any other games, except Second life, it saddens me :( ...
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