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  1. Just saying but most people love GOT aka Game of Thrones, one of the "Kings" marries all of his daughters and *****s them and has babies with them... I have yet to see someone complain. I find it kinda irritating when someones like eww incest inworld >.> Um, do you realize how many tv shows have incest into them LOLOLOL Incest in Game of Thrones
  2. I've heard many people love maya as well
  3. I've seen many people use blender but there are arguments about blender is a little weak for meshing, so I don't understand...
  4. I am wondering, what is the best program for meshing... I have a friend with cinema 4d but to me that seems like a video making program... Would 3d max work better or would cinema 4d work better for meshing in secondlife... I am wanting to start out with chairs and tables or something else...
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