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  1. Imagine, for a moment, that Ebbe Linden takes some strong substances and comes up with a radical plan for SL - he will create the first truly inworld democratic system.

    From now on, LL will simply concentrate on server / sim maintenance. In all other affairs, the residents will govern themselves. A government will be set up, which will determine policy for SL, right down to the wording of the TOS.

    As the run-up to the handover begins, residents band together and form their own parties, to jostle for power. Two weeks before the election, four parties have emerged - due to size of numbers and support, these are the ONLY credible contenders for power. The parties can be summarised as follows:

    1)  Election promises: to relax the restrictions on gambling and third party $L exchange. Strong on landowners' / creators' rights. Promises an extensive crackdown on copybotters and griefers. Will ban any freebie centre owners (and seize their land) if copybotted items are discovered on the premises. Will also restrict NPIOF residents to a small cluster of sims until they either a) go PIOF b) age 180 days. Not keen on free / public sandboxes.

    2) Election promises: to lower the age of entry to SL to 12; to increase MP seller fees & use the extra revenue to revamp the infohubs with paid SL mentors; to impose an upper limit on land sales. Will reclaim abandoned land and hand it over to educators / non-profit orgs. Promises to investigate ban lines encroaching on public space and will fine owners deemed guilty of this. Will also remove TOS covering harrassment/abuse, reasoning that that's what the block button's for.

    3) Election promises: to ban all child AVs; to heavily tax sex clubs and to remove them from search, even within the adult category; will ban any avatar found having sex or swearing in a G/M-rated area. Has no comment on MP issues, but rumour has it that their leader - who is a Christian minister - once attacked a diaper-wearing furry nightclub with viewer crashers. However: he has pledged to bring back SL last names.

    4) Election promises: to fill SL with bot NPCs.Believes that this will create an upsurge of interest in SL and will also enable residents to let off steam by shooting/shagging robots without TOS consequences. Will also establish a weekly lottery for all residents and promises to fix the vehicle lag issue by 2019.

    Who would you vote for?

  2. It's late 2017. Linden Lab has more or less abandoned SL in favour of the new Sansara, but residents still remain, determined to cling onto their inventories, land and inworld standing.

    Meanwhile, a new breed of scripters manages to exploit the crumbling, outdated SL infrastructure to wreak havoc. Ban lines are scaled, vendors tampered with...griefing erupts on an unprecedented scale. LL, now busy with its new world, abandons all SL abuse report response and leaves the olde worlde residents to their fate.

    With security breached, rival factions begin to jostle for power. Paramilitaries attack and invade land on a daily basis, causing mass disruption over the grid. Vigilante groups retreat and finally disband, as the pixellated violence spirals out of control. Public sandboxes are seized by criminal warlords and turned into caliphates of copybotting by their minions. Older residents similarly band together, forming makeshift patrol groups to defend their clubs, malls and homes to the death.

    So - what will YOU do in the coming SL war??

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