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  1. Yeah, I had to go with the most obscure name I could think of ... Joe.
  2. Wow. I am stunned. Thank you so very very much! [eta] Ticket is closed .. I need to log off and back on and ... BINGO!
  3. Yes, I am an alt. No one would know my old name anyway (JosephFibonacci) but I paid for a last name. Yay! I picked Joseph originally because it is just an average name and Fibonacci because I am a math nerd. So going with a new name, stick with Joe. I looked through the list and saw Dallas. Yes! A good name for a Texan. Boom. Grabbed it and done. ... So why does the name sound familiar? Someone said something about it in world too ... so I Googled it up and ... ***** /headdesk So now ... do I: Live with it? Buy another name change? B
  4. I drank the Kool-aide The toes are messed up with my current BOM skin (Session for Gianni) but at least the fingers fit. This means I am not in so much of a rush to find a new skin. I'll just wear shoes
  5. Thank you, very very much! My only other question is for myself. s going from A to B worth the price. I think my next step is to try this comparison with the same BOM skin on both. More shopping. And thanks again.
  6. I finally broke down and got a demo of Legacy's male body. First thought ... What the actual .... is up with that store? OK, so, I got there and staggered through the blinding "experience" and somehow found a Try Me button on my second time through. Trying on the body, I really like it. Love the shoulders and arms. Fortunately the HUD is much more intuitive than the store So here come the questions: Is there an in world support group? I'm sure there is but I was not sure which one it is when I did a group search for Legacy. Does anyone know who makes the default ski
  7. This is me in Session's Dante on LeLutka's Guy head. There are some good weathered skins out there. What I have trouble finding is some good grey body hair. Oh sure, there is plenty for hair with black and white HUDs but grey chest hair is not happening. In all honesty, I have not looked all that hard either. I am sure with BoM options there is a lot more I could do and will be able to do once more BoM items are made. Anyway ...
  8. I need a little help. I am trying to test/buy Signature's male body for my dude. However, finding the store is problem. In world search leads me to a couple of places (Vadoo Reef and Signature sims) yet neither of those will let me TP in. I'm not even sure either of those is the main store since I did not find an actual store profile in search. Does anyone happen to have a LM they could pass me or otherwise let me know how I can make these people take my money? I swear every time I try to update or dress Joseph(alt) I am amazed at the level of frustration men have to put up with.
  9. Thank you all very much for the advice. I have a lot of places to start looking for now. This should keep ne busy for a few days, seanabrady wrote: Go to the primary Mens fashion events, see what you like then go to the main stores for those places. This is exactly what I was asking about! That would be great. Do you know where they are? Which events should I be searching for? The events searches are full of everything! I am so lost trying to get started I don't even know what is a primary event and what is just basically a tourist trap..
  10. Thank you very much for the links, Ariel. Those will help. You have all the choices in this world. I just hope to make someone you won't be embarrased to be seen stand next to. Not you personally. You women. I'll go back under my rock now.
  11. I need some pointers. Where is a good place for men's wear? I need everything from regular jeans -- that are not skaterboy grunge -- to business casual slacks and shirts. A nice suit or two wouldn't hurt either. I have looked on the marketplace but what you see is not always what you get. Is there a store name that is known to have better quality clothes? Maybe a group that knows where to shop? Thanks for any help you can give me.
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