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  1. 7 hours ago, zyf444e668 said:

    I am curious if anyone has ever made a system which makes bans the same for multiple parcels?

    Like if my neighbor bans a troublesome griefer and both of our lists has too many people to know who gets banned and no communication is brought, then my parcel will have the person banned automatically so i don't have to.

    After further evaluation, i am not going to use any systems and just do it the old fashion way.

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  2. 1 minute ago, Chroma Starlight said:

    Deep problems emerge when you create an automated system to amplify and propagate the profoundly flawed and easily deceived adjudications community governance on secondlife.

    Just thought i'd ask is all.

  3. 31 minutes ago, Lindal Kidd said:

    Please leave Voodoo alone. It can seem to be a convenient way to automatically ban "bad" people, but it does not really know if the people it bans are "bad", only that some other user of the system did not like them for some reason.

    Make your own ban decisions.

    Well might have to go that route.

  4. 6 hours ago, Alwin Alcott said:

    i don't know any on parcel/neighbour level. But there's a giant network of connected security by Voodoo .. anyone on that list ( you won't see the names) will be ejected...also friends if they are banned at those connected places.

    If anybody else knows anything else or has other recommendations, feel free to post!

  5. I am curious if anyone has ever made a system which makes bans the same for multiple parcels?

    Like if my neighbor bans a troublesome griefer and both of our lists has too many people to know who gets banned and no communication is brought, then my parcel will have the person banned automatically so i don't have to.

  6. 9 minutes ago, Alwin Alcott said:

    just going to wonder what your age is,  if you answer the security question with a REAL answer it can't be hard to remember.

    Together with your previous issues you can't  provide accurate identy proof it sounds to me you signed/sign up with fake information.

    I never sign up anywhere with fake info. That's identity fraud/theft and illegal. >.>

    I am truthful with my information i share. There could be many reasons why i am having issues with these things. I prefer not to mention it cause it is personal.

  7. 1 minute ago, ChinRey said:


    How about you make a text document where you write down the security questions and answers? Or if others have access to your computer, you could try a piece of paper instead.

    It might work so it's worth a try.

    I should do that really, but i keep forgetting. I need to make a reminder somehow to do that.

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  8. I make Secondlife alt accounts. I use them for fun or for chat bot measures.

    Thing is everytime i do, i forget the security question answer. I never write it down.

    As a result i end up getting the accounts locked. I have one that is currently needing password reset but i end up getting it locked. I filed a LL ticket and they want the answer to the question which i obviously forgot....so i just put my best guess...

    I am tired of this. Now my alt account is going to remain inactive and I will never log into it. Ugg.

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  9. 28 minutes ago, Alwin Alcott said:

    i seriously can't believe they said this. Before you can process credit you will for sure have to provide them with the accurate documents they asked for.

    If you don't want to provide that you will nót be able to transfer money to RL.

    I am ok with this. I made a mistake trying to sign up for it.

  10. I called SL tech support. I was on the billing line and asked about this. The rep told me that he has never heard of anyone getting their accounts in trouble for not filling out the Tilia form correctly. I am assured the only thing will happen is I just won't be able to transfer money to the PayPal account.


    But as a precautionary measure i issued a ticket to be asked to be removed from Tilia completely.

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  11. So i was going to transfer my lindens dollars to my mom's paypal account. She gave me authorization for this.

    As i tried Tilia asked me for personal information such as my SSN.

    Then i got a ticket from Linden Labs asking for more information. The information they ask i Do not have any documents of.

    Attach a Proof of Identity to this Ticket


    Please submit a color photo ID that includes your full name and date of birth. Please ensure that all four corners of your ID are displayed, and that the text on the image is fully legible. Please be sure to avoid glare and obstruction. The name on this document must match the name registered on your PayPal account. Acceptable documents include the following:


    • Driver's License (Valid for the next 60 days)
    • Passport or passport card (Valid for the next 60 days)
    • State or Government Issue ID (Valid for the next 60 days)


    Attach a Proof of SSN/ITIN to this Ticket


    Please submit one of the following documents confirming your 9-digit SSN/ITIN assigned by the Internal Revenue Service or Social Security Administration:


    • Social Security Number card
    • Letter from the IRS assigning your SSN or ITIN
    • 1099 Form (Dated within the last 12 months)
    • Employer-issued W2 (Dated within the last 12 months)
    • Paystub with your full SSN (Dated within the last 12 months)
    • 3rd party prepared tax documents (Dated within the last 12 months and signed by 3rd party preparer)


    I got NONE of them, No drivers License, My state ID is expired, and i don't have any of these other documents.

    I read if i don't reply within a month they will freeze my account. I hope not. I am renting a region and many other important tasks on this account. I regret ever filing for Tilia >.>

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  12. 18 minutes ago, Rolig Loon said:

    It's a little hard to understand what you are asking, but I think I get the general idea.  The Allowed list in the Region/Estate tools is simply a way to let people enter the region, even though you have closed the region to everyone else. It doesn't give anyone on the list any extra privileges.  It just allows them to enter.

    If you want to give people specific abilities in a group, you do that by assigning them to roles in the group that have those abilities.  Group roles have absolutely nothing to do with the Allowed entry list.


    Thank you very much!I knew my friend was completely wrong and that I was right about this.You assured me that Allowed Residents list ONLY allows those in it to enter the region and nothing more.I deeply appreciate it.


  13. Well I have a parcel that some times gets griefers and trolls.When it gets bad it gets locked down to group only.I got complaints from several folk that they cannot enter the region due to not being in the group.So i add them to the Allowed Residents list since i didn't trust them being in the group.Next thing i know my staff saw it a issue and when i mentioned it's me doing it, i get told the Allowed Access List is the next step for staffing the land or whatever.I want to know, is the allowed residents list there so people can be put on there when the area is on lockdown, or is it for that but also gives them a chance to do something like allow others to the access list?Does the people on the list get extra privileges or just only allowed in at all costs?

  14. I have a friend who just join Secondlife recently. I am renting a parcel owned by Blanxi Estates and I have it checked to where anyone can visit the land.I tried inviting my friend but i get a message saying, "The Resident cannot visit this region.".I do not understand how or why they cannot visit especially since i put them on the allowed list and they are not banned. HELP!

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