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  1. What kind of gf is your brother looking for?
  2. I would like how to make a 3D logo for a store. But am using gimp. Can someone teach m how.
  3. There a rumor around second life someone or a group of people hacked second life and put a virus in it
  4. am trying to make a slink hourglass shape https://gyazo.com/10954977d268f68c9b008eec12b34714 https://gyazo.com/c916c8aaf2f207a429c5c4881e9ede9c i want this ladys shape please
  5. https://www.robinwood.com/Catalog/Technical/SL-Tuts/SLPages/AVUVTemplates.html. Maps to make tatttoos
  6. a place to get music to put on mixx
  7. i download mixx but how to put music on there. looking for free sits to add music to mix. please help. trying to be a dj
  8. I like catwa as a lot of skins. Like signature body but like belleza jake butt. Also as to do with the shape
  9. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Reedenham/222/211/2603
  10. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Pinewood Island/30/198/339
  11. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Reedenham/223/248/2603 We are hiring dancer, mangers, host and djs. u can pick your hours and days. we don't do drama. you must be job experience. come by and grab a job application. you must own a mesh body and your account must be over 3 mouths.
  12. trying to make adoption certificate template gimp for my self. am using gimp 2.0. i dont see any youtube videos of it
  13. Message me inworld babykelsee I rp a td boy
  14. Hello Ladies we're hiring you to work in our beautiful club please come down and see it. We have many incentives and we give you the opportunity to make money as a dancer, or escort. The apps are right at the landing point so get one and turn it back into toy Lavendel.. Good Luck!!! We are also looking for a GM and Assistant Managers. The Manager just need to come in and chat with me, no need to complete an application. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sensual Heaven/166/79/3728 please have voice so u can hear us at least with people on mic.
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