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    blender 2.80

    i would like to learn how to make unrigged mesh eyes in blender. am very new to working with blender
  2. Show us a picture of the tattto u want done
  3. What body do u want it for ?
  4. Could be the creater or your shape
  5. Probably the clothing mesher
  6. Most people wear maitreya. Slink hourglass and Belleza freya
  7. Am trying to learn how resize patterns so I can put them on swim trunks. Am using photoshop and gimp. And patterns don’t match up on ao making. Trying to to learn how to do patterns
  8. Remove tattoo layer and put alpha layer on its also beause your under the ocean
  9. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Alpha-layer-for-perfectly-removing-NECK-and-body-shows-JUST-head-good-for-mesh-bodies/8424138
  10. What kind of gf is your brother looking for?
  11. I would like how to make a 3D logo for a store. But am using gimp. Can someone teach m how.
  12. There a rumor around second life someone or a group of people hacked second life and put a virus in it
  13. am trying to make a slink hourglass shape https://gyazo.com/10954977d268f68c9b008eec12b34714 https://gyazo.com/c916c8aaf2f207a429c5c4881e9ede9c i want this ladys shape please
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