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  1. I have googled and googled, the template is no where to be found http://umcreations.page.tl/SL-EYES-TUTORIAL.htm
  2. it's thier developer kit Im using for said product
  3. i am a designer but nothing that really benefits Sl yet. I have rrecently bought the new catwa mesh eyes,and have the template to make my own eyes/textures. However theres' no more info on how to really begin. any help is appreciated. Yes i have already asked in the group, no further help was given
  4. How are Group dividends received to group owner? i have a group that is 100L to join. i have the box un checked to show in search, so as not be charged 30L a week. when and how do i collect the fees paid to my group
  5. i just had 6 different attacks by two people,one's banned from a region, there's another one on me now,The parcel owner has the proof
  6. I have some hat boxes i purchased, full perm. I need to add my own logo any help is appreciated
  7. Where may I ask did you find the Lola's Tango Applier?
  8. On a visitor alert for a store, how do you set the texture back to visible if you can't see it
  9. Is there a way to create a second inventory?
  10. I have been working on my new shape for a week, tweaking and perfecting,in properties, it's for sale now,I just need to post it somehow for buyers. any help is appreciated
  11. Thank You I just went to another rez and they actually loaded really fast! So I'm thinking I don't have a mesh avi now I need to locate stores that carry system clothes
  12. I have a mesh avatar - new one I recently purchased a pair of awesome Jeans. no where on description did it saysystem layers. I don't really understand how to make the jeans show up scripts are enabled. however only the pockets on back of jeans show. the rest are on the shins of the avatar. I am new to Sl and am still learning. any insight inot how to use them - systems layers would be greatly appreciated
  13. i seen tons of awesome slink shoes ,boots and had purchased not knowing I cannot use them on a mesh avatar. It's a shame not to be able to use them. Help - is there a way to use them? and how hard would it be
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