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  1. Yep I tried several different regions and sandboxes, not getting into anything.
  2. Is anyone else having issues logging on right now? I had logged out because sl wasn't letting me rez anything, now I can't get back on at all.
  3. Or they may be should put up the do not disturb. I'm trying to be more outgoing. Keyword trying. I think I'm doing better. Baby steps!
  4. I'd tell. I'd want to know. Though the truth will come out eventually. They always get caught or slip up.
  5. Hi everyone! I'm rather shy in Sl (even my profile says I'm afraid to say Hi and bother people!!) so making new friends is a bit hard for me. I would love to have people to hang out with and explore sims, do photography, etc. I also love to decorate! I'm on mainly in the evenings on SL. My life can be hectic sometimes but I don't mind contact off world via skype, email, etc. As for family, I do have my partner's last name (he's currently taking a break from SL for a bit to deal with RL) and therefore I don't want to change it. I would not ask you to change yours to ours as well unless yo
  6. Ello! I'm leriadraven resident in sl, I love to do photos, shop, hang out, play games, so if you want someone to hang out with just hit me up!
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