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  1. Recently, I had L$ taken from my account and on transaction history it shows as 'Group Liability'. My question is why does LL even allow this feature in SL? Personally, I don't think it's right for a group to steal my L$ without notifying me first that they are going to do this. I checked the knowledge base to discover that there is a pay group liability and receive dividend setting that can be enabled by group owner for the different roles in the group but do not believe LL should allow such a setting for anything other than a group owner. With any transaction in SL I'm asked whether I agree
  2. Having read through this thread it sounds to me like you had your vendors permission settings setup incorrectly rather than a case of copybot. Let me give you an example, if I put out my nice big ball that I created and set it for sale but have it's permission settings as transfer, no-copy, no-modify well then guess what? When someone comes along sees my ball for sale and clicks buy/pay on it then that ball disappears from the land and is transferred to the new owners inventory. The only way I would then retain a copy of my nice big ball is if I had made a backup copy with full perms in my inv
  3. HughJegow wrote: An internet agreement is not worth the paper it is not written on. Take the ToS for example . . . So inaccurate and untrue. In the US internet agreements done in the form of electronically signed documents are legally binding but I suppose you've never been a real world lawyer, business owner, or contractor otherwise you would know these things. A contract does not have to be printed on paper to be legally binding again something you would know if you ever had to deal with any type of contract law.
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