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  1. thank you very much since in th blog found the anwser https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/SVC-7532 i made the object and put the script and worked
  2. hello everyone i recenty found the Horizons Experience Quest and i like it but i have a little problem, i can´t shoot on quest three, i tried everything and nothing even i brought a pet to help me and see if my Av changed poses while shooting and she didn´t see my Avatar chaged to firing pose. I need help before submiting a file support ticket
  3. i wanna know why my inventory doesn´t update on the Beta Grid. i already changed my password few time to update but dosen´t work even i waited a day without entering the Beta. what should i do?
  4. Hi, i'm new on filling support ticket, and I wanna know how to fill it, my case is a missing payout on Paleo Quest, but since I don't know how to categorize it l, and I'm a basic user of Second Life
  5. Hi i´m wanna contact the Paleo Quest creator to report that the Quest Cash Payout isn´t working properly. I try to get my Payout i did´t receive any L$ but it take the quest stuff and it say to me to come back the next payout day, and many user have the same problem that they don´t get the payout. So please i need a answer here is my payout history. [2015/10/29 20:29] Second Life: Paleo Linden paid you L$100. [2015/11/03 14:54] Second Life: Paleo Linden paid you L$6. [2015/11/03 14:54] Second Life: Paleo Linden paid you L$6. [2015/11/05 19:34] Second Life: Paleo Linden paid you L$100. [2015/11
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