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  1. I would like to be able to remove walls in my log house
  2. Thank you !! I'll let it alone then but at least I have a front row seat to whatever the moles are going to do!!
  3. So I was sitting in my back yard of my new loghouse and I noticed something strange in the hills Do you know what it is ??
  4. Also ... don't forget to log out and back in again! I had 2 log houses also but after I logged out and back in ... it was fine!
  5. I've gone through all the comments and I didn't see anything regarding WHEN the log-homes will be released ? Did I miss it somewhere? Thanks in advance
  6. So I did some testing (as I'm sure everyone has! ) in regards to the auto refresh and I found the perfect number where it doesn't kick me off ! 120 seconds and it auto refreshes all night!!
  7. I'm positive it was 2 houses and 3 boats all back to back within 5 mins but thanks for asking today is a new house finding day! good luck to all those that are still patiently waiting !
  8. Just saw 2 houses and 3 boats Congrats to whoever got them !!
  9. just saw 2 houses come up .... but alas I was tooooo slow to grab them
  10. Would be nice if they did some of the releases at night for those of us that had RL jobs during the day ! Just sayin
  11. Havent seen any for an hr now .... maybe Wednesday when more are released ?
  12. Since 5pm Linden time there have been many houseboats released and a few houses Keep up the refreshing and you might get lucky looks like about every 15 mins they are popping up I haven't been lucky enough to score one yet though
  13. Thanks everyone .... All your help is appreciated
  14. Just wondering if someone can guide me so I can get rid of my current home ?
  15. Good day premium members I have been patiently waiting like the thousands of others .... for a new Linden home I have thought about this, a lot! And I think they are gearing to something exciting during the SL16 Bday celebrations !! Possibly new rare homes as SL16 gifts?? Just a thought/discussion starter
  16. Is there any way to get an egg now if I missed it from the Bday celebration ? Seems I need one for the new game on SL
  17. I love the idea and as with anything new, it takes time to get the bugs worked out! I look forward to seeing this new feature!
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