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    Anyone know what the name of this Mesh Head is?
  2. It is possible for two clubs to merge but it's rare for the merger to be successful And for there to be no creative differences! Another reason for more clubs popping up is preference like if someome feels there is not enough of a certain thing they like Examples Example 1: Theres not enough Soft Rock Clubs in SL i like Soft Rock "creates club". Example 2:I hate that these Clubs are PG even Tho child avi's aren't allowed why can't I be the adult i am "creates club where you can be an adult when it comes to song request And language as long as it's not disturbing, hateful, homophobic or racist"
  3. Well one lgbt club is Blue at the sim BoysTown as for Rock clubs in sl one is Wastland Reloaded but idk of any techo/disco clubs
  4. another issue ive seen is the basic apps not working like photo, maps, calendar, etc and the srvice that replaced media player also has issues plus the fact that windows 10 doesnt support 2000 series to 3999 series laptop graphics anything in between which sucks for us who have laptops i had to use the fix for firestorm just to be able to use sl again because of the graphics not supported message
  5. It Worked Thaks for the help!
  6. So i just bought the mesh project body And my before 2014 classic shape doesnt fit with it no matter what i do or edit http://s12.postimg.org/fvowwqczx/classic_shape_dont_fit_mesh_project_body.png So are there newer regular shapes 2014 to now where the neck fits the body perfectly no gap :matte-motes-confused: And ive seen other people with tmp bodys no mesh head and looked normal with no neck gap! Oh And there was nothing about this issue under the tmp faq
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