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  1. SharkBaet wrote: ok here is a ref http://i62.tinypic.com/efmjw0.jpg yeah thst should be simple enough.. I inboxed you my references n whatnot.
  2. If you had a picture or drawing of the texture mod you want, it would be helpful. also its easier to buy a base furry avatar and then just mod it to the way you want it instead of getting a really new one. tends to be cheaper in the long run. if theres a special type of avi you like you can ask the creator if they do customs, and if not its really easy to find the parts for what you want to accomplish.. as for prices> if its a texture mod only> depends on how many textures you need and how long it takes.. noone can give an exact price untill they know what you want.
  3. 7 deadly skins, besom, check out the midnight mania groups and lucky chairs, also marketplace has alot of really nice "free"ish mesh stuff out now
  4. do you have an image or drawing of what you want the skin to look like?
  5. just reinstall a previous version of windows to a partition on your drive.. if you have your product Id microsoft has a download link so you can boot it from power iso or a disk that you burn it to.. it'll work fine till sl can be integrated with the win 10 updates hope that helps.
  6. eyeshadow - https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/cheLLe-eyeliners-EyePops/1614338 eyelashes - https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/cheLLe-Eyelashes/5052502 hair- Truth (Flexy prim hair ) skin - redgrave - if its discontinued theres a few out there that is the same shade.. the only reason i know its redgrave is cause in her flikr is the demo she wore shape - esode - but she modified the eyes to be a bit bigger and the lips to be not as wide, but try the kira shape Goodluck!
  7. did you still need that eyeshadow? and eye color?
  8. strawberrysing has an environment setting that is pretty much what i use all the time.. that way i dont see the shadows and bad lighting off people and objects.
  9. finding real friends that hang out and chat or do random stuff with is really hard.. i been in sl for years and i seen people come n go alot... but if you want you can hit me up in world I would love having more people to talk to.. my name in world is technakitty
  10. hiya there Im technakitty in world and would love having more people to chat to.. hit me up sometime
  11. hiya all I'm technakitty in world, and also seem to be running out of people to talk to.. must be causethe school year is starting back up.. but feel free to chat me up if your online
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