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  1. There is a problem with SL is a problem that I did not care about at first. But why not protect SL users? This is real money I bought so for years, they want a class action lawsuit? I do not understand why the people who run SL strive? Do they think people will forever avoid asking questions? Touching the sign may not result in money being emptied out of the account, without opening a dialogue between seller and buyer, there are counterfeits that are probably covered, and the problem begins with the failure to treat those who report fairly and efficiently, sending an automated cynical wo
  2. <Removed> this is the place where all happned. i must say i didnt get after they took 2000l for click ON DEMO NOTHING! EVEN NOT THE DEMO! ONLY SINGN. SHE ALSO THE OWNER BLOCK AND BANNED ME SAYING TO A FRIEND I WASNT POLITE AND IF I WAS POLITE SHE WHOULD GIVE ME 2000 BACK! i have all the proove i think ll dont want to solve problems they dont want rich and strong people to stop rob others in this game.
  3. What is written here is actually a message and a message that they do not intend to do anything. They don't even say I'm wrong, nothing. Here is part of the message I received after the report, this is not a cynical joke. "We know that you are eager to continue to enjoy your time in Second Life, but that you might also be curious about what will happen as a result of this report. Rest assured that our skilled team of Governance Lindens will give it a complete and thorough review, but due to our privacy policy they will be unable to disclose the outcome of their investigation. We wo
  4. That's exactly what happened to me. I clicked DEMO and got nothing Then 2000 L was taken from me Not only did this happen to me, I reported and they sent me a cynical message as an answer they did no checking and did not make it clear. Whatever happens in the future it will happen to more people.
  5. When one touch of a sale sign, accidentally removing money from our pocket is a steal. Because there are ways to make us accidentally touch false maxims that will help steal our money. Each touch should gradually open a kind of negotiation, between buyer and seller, so that mistakes are rare. SL cannot possibly accidentally rob us. But we all already know the dark side of SL.
  6. 6-6-16 in the 4 of june i buy product in marketplace nothing is in my inventory. those are the order no #1418037673 #1418037692 #1418037722 #1418037616 #1418037898 #1418038014 none of those isnt in my inentory, but i pay for them and my l acount show it. please give me the money back or the product i want to know why all of this happned. tnabk you omerioz
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