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  1. Hi there, I'm not really looking for a partner but I am looking for a friend if you don't mind that at least. My interests are quite similar to yours.
  2. Sorry for the late reply but you can try Storm Keep if you still want to RP as a mermaid. I think you can also RP there as a demon. There's also Cape Crimson if you want to RP someplace different as a demon. I think they are both mordern supernatural sims.
  3. Hello there. First of all, I wanted to say it's really great what you're doing with sharing your knowledge with these videos, and second, and I apologize for this, does Live Animation no longer exist? I am having some difficulty locating it. I can't really see the link for it in the video so well, a bit blurry for me. Is it possible if you could link me to it please? Thank so much.
  4. Wow, after 12 days in SL? All I can remember from my first 12 days is that I roleplayed. *shrugs* Well now all you need to add are the times you are availible in world.
  5. There's also the Azure Islands and furries are usually found under the heading of 'Wildlings'. However it's very new and there are roles to fill. The owner is usually on the sim and ready to help get you set up in a role and provide info. The rpers are also very friendly and are willing to help. It is a sort of old colonial setting type of RP but if you're interested you could IM me for a LM.
  6. Feeling down and got nothing to do? Can't find a good place to mingle with others and have a drink or two? Does it always feel like it's Monday for you? Why not come on down to The Longhorn and bring some friends to? Music, great people, and drinks at this good time bar If you find you've reached the dumpster, you've gone too far. (Found in the City of Dominion - Modern City RP. Also looking for Bartenders, servers and co owner.) http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Port%20Dominion/106/64/30
  7. Oh, I have always admired the German language and would love to learn it as well as the German culture. I too shall attend.
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