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  1. I have the exact same issue on a msi with colour correction and a gtx980m though after a fresh windows install it just goes black and putting it to sleep and waking it up works. Also in my bug hunting i discovered that if you ctrl alt del and end process no bugs at all occur on exit so something in the close down process of SL seems to be the issue. Hopefully this information can be useful for someone more tech minded than I.
  2. SL is about freedom originally anyways, why some of us are here, freedom to do anytihng legal of course. I know of plenty who dont touch the so called seedy side of SL. but as said above that part gets the most attention by the media as they lvoe poking fun at 'internet people'.
  3. Bare in mind I did absolutely nothing and was sitting up a corner. So not sure what went on here? Some crazy I guess but yes I am a tad worried about how LL tackles such things. I do have chat logs and such just in case. Normaly I would not bother you fine people with this kind of thing. My slight concern is I have herd troubling things about LL sometiems acting on faked reports. Just to claify a tad, I had never talked to or seen this person before and have certainly not got any bot devices and am very much over the legal age to be on sl, and such, I know it does sound a bit strange but I wa
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