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  1. After trying out the new viewer managed marketplace on no copy items my verdict is that is HORRIBLE, just awful!!! you guys have only made it more cumbersome and WAAAY more TIME CONSUMING than ever to list no copy items...the problem you see is i have to take a photo of each no copy item and put a description, and in order to do this i must drag the item to and from inworld from the marketplace window folder ( which is so many folders to sift thru to find the darn thing it accidentlly gets put somewhere it shouldnt be often times which doesnt help since i have a slippy track pad mouse) I sell breedables btw and i also have to click on the item to copy paste it's stats into the description feild, you guys have basically created a bunch more extra steps i have to do sifting thru the folders within folders to pull out the item then return it to the right folder so i can list the item is MUCH much harder than when i had just the magic box to organize my things, with the magic box i simply had to throw the items in all at once then associate them online in the marketplace then go back to the magic box drag one item out at time then put them back in before the marketplace even knew the item was missing from the box, it was soooo much easier!!! I have already tried listing over 100+ items and it now takes roughly twice as long to complete my tasks now, you guys have unfortunately made it so much more work for me to sift thru these folders and only be able to list a thing one at time from the viewer, it makes me sooo livid, it could be ruining our ability to work with any ease, i cant even list my breedables for sale in a timeframe that actually makes it worth my while, by not leaving the option for us to use magic boxes or somethign as auxillary and as simple as magic boxes you have basically costed me time which = money....GRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!! I guess now my only option is to try and take photos of the hundreds of breedables i own and keep track of the photos and a copy of its stats in a text file , probably by catalouging them with names or numbers with the coordinating stats and photo so i can easily find them on my own computer when it comes time to insert them in the ad, it was so much easier before to not have to do this and it was so much quicker to take a photo inworld without having to name or catalouge it , and ad it to the ads as i create them, esp since i dont have the computer space to keep all the photos and i usually throw them away immediately ,if only there was a workflow that could make it easier than this, this is just too different and complicated than before, so many extra steps each little thing may only take an extra second or two sum may say but it all adds up in the end tremendously, very irritating! My best advice is you guys try and keep simplicity in mind it can go a long way, and try to incorporate some kind of drag n drop uploading of photos from inworld maybe? at least that would save me from having to do it from a browser cause even though i can run a browser inworld it is still very cumbersome to keep switching windows like that. and the folder within folder thing would only appeal to big brained rocket sicentist types, which i am NOT for the most part...I am an ARTIST type, you might want to try appealing to your opposites at sumpoint, cuz if we are happy and we make money...guess what...so do the rest of all of you!!!!!
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