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  1. Not all.. I have gotten prepaids in the past and they have been actual visa's I am not sure about the difference in sales and such as I am in a different oountry and it may vary. Although I use my own credit card I still have used VISA prepaids and they work on most major sites. I don't see why it wouldn't be accepted on this site.
  2. Hay man, great post. I myself have a disability... Well, I have had it since I was a kid but hey still... Annyways, disabalities can be an enriching experience in teaching you that you don't need to be treated special anyone with any kind of impairment is still treated like a human
  3. I think your best bet would be a "pre-paid visa card". They are inexpensive and a better way of using money safely and anonymously. They can be picked up from most places like Walmart, Walgreens, your even your local post office. You can also get them in Visa, Mastercard and many others. But I am not really sure on their policy here on using prepaid visa cards. I use them myself from time to time but all you do is buy one. Load up money on it. And then add it to your account and hey presto, you got a payment method. And then when you want lindens just load your card up with cash. Or you can do what these guys said and earn money. It's alot hard and takes longer but it's a way you can get L's without spending money.
  4. So, I have been on here for almost two or more weeks and I have been thinking... Is sensar going to be replacing this site? And if so (which I don't hope) will people be more likely to use it more then SL? I mean, I have come to like the game and I have experienced many things and lived through this game quite well... I have fit into my place and found it to be very homely. I just don't want to lose my positivity because of a new version of SL.. I know there are a few games out there like this that attempt to make virtual reality a life but who here thinks the virtous indipendance of the game will be let down by a new version that is more flashy and more detailed?
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