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  1. I don't think you'd want to run a viewer on your Raspberry Pi, but there are several people running OpenSim sims on on their R-Pi's as HyperGrid Standalone Regions. Imagine running your own region 24/7 while only using about 2.1 watts of power. Imagine being able to visit other grids and invite people over to visit yours. Imagine if Linden Lab adopted a similar model, where you could type "sudo apt-get secondlife" and install your very own simulator linked with the rest of SecondLife. I'd like to see both OpenSim and SecondLife adopt this model, not necessarily interconnected with one another, but within themselves. Land is expensive and cost prohibitive for some, but using this model of distributed computing, everybody could host their own homestead for the cost of a Pi and still shop in SL and Linden Lab could still host/sell regions as they do now. That's just my 2¢ but it seems like it would be a great improvement. I'm currently working on an OpenSim region with bullet physics as time permits.
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