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  1. How much money can you take for being an escort? Like what's a reasonable price for • 20 mins • 30 mins • 35 mins • 60 mins • ETC. I know it depends but a reasonable price, please just give me examples (:
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    So I recently got the Firestorm viewer and now when I press on my keyboard the 'down button' then my character walks up and when I press the 'up button' it goes down, and it's really annoying since when I decide to walk left or right then I have to switch from for example holding down the up button to down, it's reallyy annoying. Is there like a way to fix this? And why is it like this??/:
  3. Before I used to use Second Life viewer and yesterday I got help by this guy to change to Firestorm and he learned me a few stuff on that viewer, which was really confusing since I'm still really new (6 days) And before , on the Second Life viewer the button "E" would make you fly, and the button "C" would make you stop flying. But now that I have changed to Firestorm, is there a button to start and then also stop flying? Because that is much easier and goes faster than going into the walk/fly/run button and press 'fly' and then later press once more to stop flying. so is there a button to start and stop flying?:)
  4. What can get you banned on Second Life? Fyi, I'm not trying to get banned. I'd just like to know so I know what not to do. Like this guy told me that, to go around asking people to talk about exchanging money towards sex in the chat can get you banned, which wasn't really what I was doing. I'm like an escort so... Is it true, what he said, that it could get you banned? And also, what other things could get you banned? (:
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