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  1. I wonder if OP got their land? I've seen three GOT sims pop up in the last couple of months but two have already closed.
  2. My hours are all over the place right now so feel free to hit me up if you've got some ideas.
  3. Just as an addendum to the first post since a couple of folks have had some confusion in messaging me; I am looking for roleplay and not an OOC romantic relationship, sorry!
  4. Hey! Sent a reply. This is absolutely still open for anyone who craves romance the way I do ❤️
  5. Hi SL Denizens I'm getting back into SL roleplay, but I'm a shameless sucker for a good romance. I crave that slow buildup where characters have an attraction grow over time until a heartfelt confession spills out, not an instant hookup. I want those moments of tension and rapidly beating hearts and the fear that comes with the first kiss. I want that long-time attraction with longing looks and sleepless nights craving someone they cannot yet have. I'm looking for an RP partner who wants the same. In order to get my desires across without making you read a massive wall of text, here are some bullet points. I have two main avatars, both a male and a female one. Both are fully set up with mesh bodies/bento heads. Looking for romance for either one. I'm femalr irl, your RL gender does not matter to me. I am looking for Long Term roleplay... the sort of romance that gets the proper time to mature and grow. My first love is Medieval Fantasy, and I have characters already set up in that setting (half siblings) but I am open to other settings. I have my own fantasy themed homestead we can roleplay and write stories on if you like, or I can join a sim you are on. I generally prefer faster posting than paragraph roleplay. 3-6 sentences per post are ideal, more for exposition and less for quick dialogue. I can roleplay during the day (SL time) via my mobile while I work if you don't mind occasional slow posts or using private messages ❤️ Only looking to roleplay with other adults as I expect adult situations / ERP to be a part of this. Kinks can be discussed 1:1 but will generally be dictated by the character/roleplay. Hit me up inworld if this sounds like your thing. ❤️
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