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  1. Okay, so I bought the Blue Galaxy Feline avatar - which offers free PSD's for retexturing. (Avatar found at - http://secondlife.com/destination/1177) BUT - I have an issue - the site hosted for use by the creator - http://www.blue-galaxy.co.uk/ Is seemingly no longer operational, so the PSD for the avatar is unavailable as well. Does anyone have a copy of these PSD's somewhere?
  2. Okay, Basically what I need to know is If you can script an object to run one script while placed (sandbox) and run another while equipped. And furthermore - run yet another when clicked while placed and another when clicked while equipped? Also it possible to give an item a hud that allows the equipped items scripts to be changed? A script that allows the changing of scripts? *bashes head on keyboard* I'm new to terms - so I apologize for sounding like an idiot.
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