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  1. gender transition is not as clean cut as some of you have made it out to be, the trans people i know actually used female avatars before they transitioned as they were experimenting with ideas so itd just be matching the name to the persona which had already emerged. also many items (in my inventory at least) are unisex, so i still consider this money lost. but yes, it was an emotional response moreso than a logical one at the time. regardless, thank you all for your responses! im not very immersed in secondlife culture so im coming very much from a place of trying to get new modern featu
  2. thank you very much! i wasnt aware of this. ill be reading more into it and keeping up to date on it it now. ill alert my friends as well. ill try to submit my ideas through this if it doesnt seem like theyve been suggested there before.
  3. thanks for letting me know they dont check here regularly, but this doesn't help me unfortunately. the difference is the amount id be paying for a name change vs. the amount i'd be losing in items that i already paid for (not to mention the hassle of repurchasing everything). i've spent quite a bit on this account and i'd like to keep my inventory. do you know a better way to get in contact with them? i'm willing to forward this to them as i feel it's important and would really like to get in touch. regardless i think a forum post is useful because it allows me to get in touch with others who
  4. hello, i am new to the community forums so forgive me if this has been stated before (i searched beforehand to no avail but i may be missing something) and also if this is incorrect placement please feel free to move this thread! i've been a member of secondlife for over 10 years and had a few different accounts, with the changes and whatnot happening i decided now would be a good time to come back. one of the main issues i've had for awhile now with secondlife is the fact that you cannot change your username. i know im not the only one who thinks this, i was recently talking to my girlfr
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