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  1. Thanks for the information Medhue. Unfortunately I am just an end user without any technical knowledge, so I can't suggest any solution. But the problem unfortunately is there, thats why maybe LL could take the initiative to give some motive to the creators to update their meshes with compatibility in mind. For example LL could intoduce a build in panel for the management of the meshes, but only meshes updated with compatibility in mind could work through it. Thats an idea just from the top of my head, which cannot stand in to much critisism. I just want to stress the importance of the issue, and hope that the LL will take the initiative to bring the creators together in solving this problem. And of course this will need to be taken up as a new project and be thouhrouly discussed
  2. Thanks for the info Cathy So, from what I understand, there are a few things that can be done regararding the compatibility of the mesh body parts (head, body, hands, feet). I think this is the most important thing to become compatible. Like for example when I wear my catwa head with my Slink body, and I want to change to my niramyth body, I would not have to put on the hud of the head in order to push the button in it that will make the head compatible with niramyth. Or when I wear my Slink hands with my Slink body and I want to move to the system body, I will not have to put on the hud of the hands to press that button that fix the wrists to the system body. The best thing would be that all this compatibility would happen automaticaly, without any action from the user. And if this is not possible, then at least we should have a panel build in the viewer, that will give these options altogether, so we will not have to attach and dettach a lot of those huds as we do now. The same with the various skin appliers. One applier that will cover all the curently used mesh body parts, without the need to attach and detach one hud for the head, another for the body and another one for hands and feet. And again here, if it cannot happen automaticaly, then at least through a build in the viewer panel. Now regarding clothes as you made me realize there are some constraints, so I will just lIve this one out. But at least the current system with the auto hide script could become a standard, so we will not have to use huds all the time to alpha our body parts from outfit to outfit.
  3. Now that project Bento is about to be finalised, are LLs going to take over a new project regarding the compatibility between all those mesh bodies and heads and their clothing and their appliers? If yes, when?
  4. Are we going to see more sliders coming in? I know that LL asked about it in a previous stage of the Bento project and there was not much interest about it, but the mesh head creators were not involved at that time and the animators, well, they didn't care. Has this changed maybe? It would be pity to lose this oportunity now that the whole head thing is getting a new turn. Would be nice if we could see some new sliders for the body also.
  5. So nice to see the mesh head designers also participating besides the animators!
  6. Nice comments Gael It is such a pity that the mesh head creators didn't participate in the bento project from an earlier stage...
  7. You are right, we got completely out of focus here...
  8. Nice work Gaia Is there anything that can be done with the following sliders? 1. head shape 2. egg head 3. eye spacing 4. jaw shape I think these ones are very important for the character creation, and if you could do something to unlock them, would be great
  9. Well Gaia, there is a lot of frustration in the SL community with the way things are going, and you are receiving the frustration that is ment for the LLs. But from your side also, you are standing in front of them, explaining their position. Well, unless you are on the payroll for this job, please stand aside and let them explain themselves. I was exepacting LLs to come in and say a few things here, but nothing from their side yet. Now regarding the whole system and the way you imagine it, with all these mesh characters going around, well, it seems like a lag hell for me. You see, there are so many mesh creations of low quality that are going around in SL, creating a lot of lag. Since the whole mesh body thing started I can't even go shoping, not to mention clubing. Besides this, it is really boring and time consuming just to make an outfit to go out socializing. You have so many mesh parts and huds to handdle, and it is going to get even more time consuming with the mesh heads and the animations for them. Imagine, mesh body and hud, mesh head and hud, mesh clothes and hud, mesh hair and hud, mesh eyes and hud, body animation hud, face animation hud, skin applier hud, makeup applier hud... LLs should have come in already since some time now, and put some order in this chaos. Which way I don't know, but for sure there was something that could have been done to administer all this before it became so chaotic as it is now. (for example, a system like omega, could have been introduced in the first place, not waiting for one system to dominate the market, I hope you understand what I mean) And of cource, all the above mean lots of expenses. A friend of mine wanted to start in SL the other week, but when we calculated that she needed about 8000 lindens just to get an initial outfit, she dropped out without second thought calling me crazy for playing this game. Now, call me cheap if you want, but me also I find it sometimes quite expensive to keep up with it. Meanwhile, it is so much cheaper to create a nice avatar in RPG games, why such a difference? Apart from this friend of mine that she dropped out just the first week, two friends of mine from rl that we started together have dropped out last year, as it became to expensive and boring for them. And I can't say that I ve met lots of newbies. SL is becoming more and more a lonely place for me. Lets face it, Avatar2, is already here, and it came bit by bit. First hands and feet, then boobs, then body, now head. And we had to pay a lot for each bit. So LLs, the least they can do is to come in before it becomes even worse and try to administere the situation somehow. And since they are determined that they will not do anything with the standard avatar for combatibility issues (hudge mistake in my opinion), then they have to do something for the better combatibility and customization of the various parts of the mesh avatar. I know that SL is mainly a US thing, and it is in the culture of the US to trust markets for their self determination, but some kind of regulation and adminiistration is always required. Look what happened with the deregulation of the derivatives market and the bubble of the US mortgage market. Chaos in the whole western world. This is what SL reminds me of! So I think it is really nessesary that LLs will step in and adress the following issues asap. 1. quality of the meshes being uploded regarding the lagg they create. 2. combatibility and customization of the mesh avatar, making it fast and easy 3. lower the cost of the mesh avatar 4. introduce the mesh avatar to begginers Again Gaia, I am writting all these as a responce to you, but I would love to receive some feedback from LLs also.. Sorry if some frustration was pointed at you while it shouldn't.
  10. Really nicely said! This thing with the mesh bodies is just time consuming, tiring and boring. And at the end what was the benefit of not breaking content? We are completely changing our appearance every season and old staff just end up in a box in our inventory. Would you concider wearing clothes, skins, hair from two years ago? I wouldn't. I really don't understand how do you expect to run cutting edge technology products and get scared to be in the frontline. I think that LL just don't want to offer anything for free. They want whatever new to be bought and sold and to make money out of it. Look at the starter avatars. How many years did it take them to make some starter avatars that don't look awful?
  11. This avatar you are improving it and improving it, and it still sucks!!! This must be one of the worst products in history ever. You cannot keep not even one small part of it uncovered, cause it looks so bad. I mean how could you make it so ugly at the beggining? Despite giving us wigs an tails, for which I don't care AT ALL, is there going to be a real improvement on it? All these years you were not doing anything because increasing the polygons would creata lag, and now we are wearing mesh bodies, mesh heads that look like clones and mesh clothes on top of those, creating a hudge lag, plus I am paying extra for the lag. Maybe you should finaly reconcider the whole thing and introduce a completely new avatar in paralel with the old one?
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