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  1. First you should ask yourself what do you want out of your SL. If you just want it as a place to escape from your RL for a brief moment and only use SL for RP purposes....should gender matter? If you are thinking about turning your SL romance into RL I think you should have a right to know...at least that would be a respectful thing to do. Me personally I am a female and really do not care what the RL sex of an individual I am interacting with is. However, my RL partner who is also on SL which is a Male; he does care even if it is just for RP purposes. So with that being said: Its your prefere
  2. Hello. I am looking for a nice family who loves to have fun and does not have drama. I have been here less than a year, even though my birthday is about two years old. I am still learning SL and would like a people who are not only friendly, but funny, encouraging, and most of all...loving. It does not even have to be a full family, you know ones with a mother and father. Even if it is just sisters or brothers...I just want someone I can hang with. Its getting lonely D: Any questions please feel free to IM me. Even if you just want a friend About me: I am easy to converse with
  3. I am trying to put clothes on and I am wearing Maitreya mesh body- Lara. When i add clothes I do not see them. When i remove the alpha for the Maitreya mesh body I see the clothes I am wearing along with 2 feet. When i go into the HUD of the Maitreya mesh body and click on the alpha to hide or show body parts, I see nothing where i clicked on the body...I have the omega applier, the omega system kit, and I even have the converter for just in cases.....please help me....IM me and I can TP you to my location if that will even help me more. Thank you all
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