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  1. Hi, as the title says, I'm looking for a commercial land: - 1800/2000 prims - adult - commercial - club allowed - front sea and possibly corner, but not mandatory - less than 3000 linden/week Thank you very much in advance for your answers
  2. Ciao a tutti! ho eliminato le info di pagamento che avevo collegato al profilo, ma dal profilo stesso non scompare la scritta "info di pagamento usate". Come posso fare per far comparire "nessuna info di pagamento"? Grazie per la risposta.
  3. oh my! i didn't even know i had it!! thank you... as you can see, I'm a suer noob!
  4. hi all! First of all I have to say English is not my mother language, then forgive me in advance for my mistakes. I'm new to SL and very enthusiastic and I'm meeting a lot of people. Some days ago I rented a house with a friend of mine: we share the rent and, of course, our names appear on the rent box outside the house. I haven't told anybody I rented that place and never shared the coordinates with anybody. I'm sure my roomate neither; he don't even know the people I know and that's for sure. Well, a "I-thought-he-were" friend of mine yesterday sent me the pic of the rental box with our names on!! I dunno how he could have reached the house!! Do you know if is there a way somebody can track my tps or something like that? I'm a bit annoyed about it. Already put him in the black list of my security system, but, you know, now it's already late.. Please help me clarify the situation and tell me which mistakes I could have done in SL to allow him to find my location, in order not to repeat them anymore. Thank you in advance for your answer. Sol
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