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  1. yea but when it says bellisseria and i go to click it it shows the old homes
  2. been on the refresh page all day and keeps tellin me theres homes avaailble but it snot showin the trad or boat homes on the pic is it broken or summit its been goin on all day
  3. guys since ive been wondering around bellissiria and lived there twice ive made some very good and close friends i wud def recommend living there best place in sl history thanks to the moles for makin and creatin the world into a community just had to get my peace out there thanks folks xxx
  4. whens the next set of new linden homes coming
  5. the word was come but i spelt it differently lol
  6. so i shud hang on to the old homes till new ones ***** up then
  7. just keep refreshin my dashboard then for more blogs lol
  8. yh ive looked at that just gives me the crappy homes from meadowbrook
  9. how do i get the new linden home joined premium lastnite been told there all sold out but do i get given one when they get more in or do i have to sum how go to the sim and find one thats is free also iam told that on the dashboard to go look for any that may have been abandoned im confused on how to do that
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