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  1. Thank you alll so very very much:) It's working now. Had to change my Euro's to USD:) Eddah
  2. When I do that Madeliefste, it asks me for a credit card number:((
  3. I linked Paypal to my bankaccount, but now I don't know how or where I can buy lindens. I can't add it to my payment information, SL asks for a creditcard number. I wished someone could help me:( Eddah
  4. I can understand they stopped the resellers because they couldn't control them. But why could I buy lindens from a reseller without a credit card and not from LL? I used IDEAL and I do have a paypal account without credit card, but no way I can buy lindens. At the end I will probably stop playing SL, because from time to time I need to buy things and pay my rent:(((( Eddah
  5. I do have a paypall account, but no credit card. So I can't use paypall in my billing information. How and where can I buy lindens? Thanks Eddah
  6. It's so sad we can't buy lindens anymore. I even lost €10,00 because the paypal was accepted but never got the lindens. Why isn't there a place in SL anymore where we can buy lindens without having a credit card?
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