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  1. Just to update anyone who may come across this topic, I have requested and gained access to both Frame and Bright Canopy. I haven't done too much in depth research, however, they basically both run the same through your browser. Bright Canopy - I was given 2 hours free without even needing to put in my payment details. After that, I would get roughly 11-13 hours play time for $10. Frame - I was given 500 credits free of charge that I have 7 days to use (about 50 hours). After this, I would get about 20 hours for $10 a month and each additional hour after the 20 will cost a bit extra dependi
  2. I agree with you on this, however I am not just needing a new graphics card. Unfortunately I need a lot more than that which is why I would just rather build my own computer this time around. I have never built my own computer so I am still researching exactly how that is done and comparing all the parts and pieces, making sure they are compatible with each other etc.
  3. Agreed! However, I am actually looking to keep track of all incomming and outgoing transactions, not just transactions as a seller. The real reason why I am wanting to do this is because I suspect that one of my accounts may have been hacked into or compromised within the past 2 or 3 months, and since this is past 32 days I cannot find out for sure if any of my lindens have been transfered to another persons account as I do not log onto this account very often. If they had been emailed to me, I would have been able to set up a special filter in my email to issolate any and all exchanges from m
  4. Thank you for the suggestion! I have requested an invite to use this program. Hopefully I will hear back from them soon. Looks as if it is a pay-as-you go service of $0.013 per min. So I would get 12-13 hours of service for $10. It does seem a bit pricey considering for that price I was get 1 month of service with SLGO but honestly if it greatly improves my graphics (to take product photos) and decreases the time it takes for me to do what I need to do, then I see this as a great temporary alternative till I finish building a new pc. I will try and come back with an updated response on how it
  5. Hi hi, I usually never post my own topics as a simple search ALWAYS leads me to my questions already asked and answered by others before me. However the search feature isn't working for me today on my phone so appologies if this has been asked many times before. My question is about an Onlive SLGO alternative... Is there any that exist??? My computer is now considered out of date and becoming less and less compatible with Second Life every day. For months I was a paid member of SL GO as it was really the only way I could get into SL and stay in SL without crashing. Now I can barely do anything
  6. Hi everyone. As many of you probably already know, SecondLife.com only saves your L$ Transaction History for 32 days (which I personally do not understand btw especially when it comes to taxes etc). I am starting this thread/topic in hopes that there is someone out there who has figured out how to keep track of all $L Transactions further than 32 days back. I know that I can download the current months transaction history, however I would love to know if there is a more automatic way of doing things as I have more than 1 account and would not even remember to do this for each account each mont
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