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  1. Hey thanks for your replies... now I have a couple of things to try out. Thanks
  2. Sorry for askign again, but this issue is really giving me a headache. I´ve read every post about similar issues but none adress this particular one. At least not that I can understand. Is a fitted mesh object, with a png texture. I tried setting the sl texture "alpha mode" in "masking" but the alpha actually dissapears. So i´m forced to set it in "blending" As you can see I´m using the basic SL avatar, so no textures below the hair png. When I rez the hair on ground it looks fine But when I wear it, it seems like the overlapping faces of the hair conflict with each other Any clue? Help will be really appreciated
  3. Thanks for the reply. I tried selecting mask in the texture but with no avail. Can you please be more specific about the "mask the alpha" process please?. Thanks
  4. I´m using a png texture for a skirt. I´ve read about the png over png issue. But the strange thing is that this happens only when I wear the skirt, but when I rez it on ground it looks fine. Any idea? thanks I just tried with tga but with same results. Worn  Rezzed 
  5. I´m trying to search for my listed products to use as quick fill and to set as related products. But many of them are not showing at all. They are listed and working fine. Anyone with the same problem? Thanks
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