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  1. I am currently attempting to upload rigged custom mesh hands. Although... when i get the chance to upload both hands to secondlife, this appears differently on SL, rather than how it looks in blender. in blender, they look completely normal with no ridged edges. They bend normal in blender, they just look so much better in blender. The weights are fine, unless that's the main problem here? However i originally deleted the right hand and mirrored the left one to the right side. So that when edit the left hand, it will symmetrically edit the right hand too. So i'm confused if the
  2. yes but im also a perfectionist, so if something looks extremely out of line to me then i feel like i'm doing something wrong especially when it comes to meshing, errors occur so so so much! and im not too sure about that but i will see what i can do with that or im not understanding properly, either way i found a method from this discussion which was very helpful ^^ i wouldn't have found out without the help of others
  3. but wouldn't that mess with the UV map in a way ? i wouldn't know how to fix it after that or is it okay to leave it like that ?
  4. I was thinking of doing that, although i wasn't sure if it was going to create a difference for me. I still am trying both methods and seeing what happens. all i am trying to do is make sure everything is the way its suppose to be
  5. hmm alrighty! i'll keep studying single-precision flat calculation and hope for the best results, although this has helped a lot! at least there is some solution to the problem
  6. i think i understand what you are saying now, in this case does this mean the dimensions of the meshes? i am willing to know more because now this is new to me and very interesting and fun to learn imo
  7. I am trying to understand what you are saying here, although there is a lot i feel like is being taken out of context when i look at the wiki to look more into it. Is there another source where I could fully understand?
  8. ahh thanks sm! i tried on mainland and it looks great ^^, there isn't a way around it when i am in a skybox though?
  9. i am testing a few things out with a custom mesh body. I am attempting to make an test alpha hud with it working with the body. when i split the body in half (upperbody and lowerbody) its connected as seen in blender, but when i upload it to secondlife the splitting is so clear even from far away how can i keep the body connected without it splitting? This also happens when i cut other parts of the body, like the arms, and legs. The vertices aren't moved and they're in the same place even after being split up.
  10. @Lindal Kidd i understand now, thanks to your further explanation ^^ !! And thanks so much for informing me! as well as @Rolig Loon
  11. aah okay! for reassurance, i could transfer the money from one account to another? although, if i wanted to sell through lindex for money, is that also allowed? To transfer and then sell? or i cannot do that?
  12. I have a store on this account and i was wondering if i could use another account for another store as well ? But, could only one account have the lindens be transfered to USD ? If I file the stuff that needs to be filed, etc, including no third party content, not a gacha reseller, or anything against TOS in my stores but 100% original. Is it possible i could do that ? I was planning to own two stores and have that be done for two stores only. I'm not sure if its illegal to do that on secondlife or not, or recommended at all. Taking careful steps 😃
  13. Thanks so much for that info, and well put! I would've never known 😊, i was honestly worried for a bit if that was a true rule on second life. Thanks so much ♥
  14. There was this girl who was telling me that if I were to share my very own meshes i'd get fined for it and I thought it was ridiculous, trust me I was laughing I was just making sure that this was 100% untrue with experts and who know Secondlife better than i do ^^. Naw we were just having a conversation about creating on Secondlife but because I'm new to making stuff on Secondlife, so she felt the need to say that as a warning I guess and I had a feeling that was entirely untrue. I don't know why she needed to lie about that though to me :s All of my meshes are 100% original and mine
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