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  1. Thanks so much for that info, and well put! I would've never known 😊, i was honestly worried for a bit if that was a true rule on second life. Thanks so much ♥
  2. There was this girl who was telling me that if I were to share my very own meshes i'd get fined for it and I thought it was ridiculous, trust me I was laughing I was just making sure that this was 100% untrue with experts and who know Secondlife better than i do ^^. Naw we were just having a conversation about creating on Secondlife but because I'm new to making stuff on Secondlife, so she felt the need to say that as a warning I guess and I had a feeling that was entirely untrue. I don't know why she needed to lie about that though to me :s All of my meshes are 100% original and mine and I have plenty of file versions to prove it and i also record my process. So it was just kind of weird for her to even say that, you know? She was saying i'd get fined by Secondlife if I used the classic body and shared it and along with my other meshes, if i shared my own meshes and secondlife's classic body i would get fined. :s
  3. So i want to buy lindens from the "Best Rate Buy (Limit Buy) section of purchasing lindens. And i'm confused on the part where it says (Exchange Rate in L$ / US$ 1.00) So if i put a number say.. 309 in there, does that mean i have to pay 309 lindens along with the 12 dollars and wait for a match for the lindens to arrive? am i calculating all of this wrong?
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