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  1. Hello Im currently in the process of building a RP character/Life and Im looking for people to add to my story..Friends,brothers,sisters,grandparents or just random people Ive met/will meet along the way..This will be realistic urban type role play no BDSM,Vamps,Lycans, stuff like that..I do not do extream strict roleplay talking ooc at times is ok with me... I'll drop my story below and if u want to add/be a part of it feel free to drop me a notecard inworld as my IMs get capped.. Born on April 4th of 97' to two under age parents, the odds were already stacking up against Jahzara. While growing up in New Jersey being raised by a single father she learned alot and would become not only street smart but also book smart being one of the few to graduate from her high school.. Now as an adult finding that living in Jersey wasnt right for her, she packed her things and moved to Chestnut County in Bridgeport with her girlfriend and 3 dogs, soon to be followed by her father moving a few blocks away,now out of the hustle of the city life she can focus on her life dream of being a fashion designer and is diligently working on the launch of her own clothing line, but of course life thows you curve balls and just when she thought everything was going smoothly Jazarah falls pregnant and must now prepare to juggle not only a newly budding business but life as a new mother....TO BE CONTINUED...
  2. Ok for starters Im looking to start my own family..I want it to be as realistic as possible..Cooking/Cleaning/shopping etc.. Looking to start with: Brother/sister(s) Kids (no more than 2) Cousins ( can add your own parents if they also rp) Also looking for a bestfriend:D Im not a heavy roleplayer kind of a beginner so all levels are welcome..Im also human..Prefer roleplay family Sims..Urban..Hate to throw it in there but african american also (Ik it does make a difference for some people) Welp other than that if u have question send me a NOTECARD inworld YanniConflix
  3. Hello. Kinda new but not really came to SL from Imvu a little over a year ago and have yet to find any real friends.. Just looking for someone to hang out with .. Shopping..exploring..clubbing..or fam type role play if we decide to become family.. Im a honest and open person will keep it 100 always never fake to spare feelings.. Feel free to IM me inworld..or send a notecard if I'm offline...
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