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  1. Oh awesome, that will probably work. Does it fully retract? And am I restricted from putting it on certain avatars for any reason? I just don't wanna buy it and not be able to use it.
  2. Thank you very much, your help is appreciated. I will be sure to check out Xcite and see if I come across anything. :3 Jesus, I got over 400 results and nowhere can I find any feral stuff.
  3. I am a male grey furred feral coyote and I am new to Second Life. I have everything laid out to purchase to make my avatar a feral, but nowhere can I find genitalia that will work. I know I have to cover it up or remove it when in many public places, but I would still like to make my Avatar as realistic as possible. And of course, maybe one day I will put them to use, but that bridge will be crossed when I get to it. Is anyone able to help me find something suitable?
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