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  1. I've recently started having an issue with inworld photos. There have been a few instances of shooting with friends where I will come out looking really sharp, almost popping out of scene, but my friend standing not far from me will come out slightly blurry. What causes this? Is there a setting in the viewer that delegates resources? This occurred with SL Viewer 3. I have not tried it in Singularity yet. Please have a more informed response than "use Firestrom," as Firestrom is not the end all for every system.
  2. Hello. I've been searching this forum, as it appears others have had similar issues. Just in the last 10 days I am suddenly seeing some of my friends and others, who have mesh bodies, as if they are covered in either black or white. Mostly white, but saw a friend today who black from her neckline across her chest and to her wrists. I could sort of see the lines that she was wearing a bikini, where her skin was black. I have seen tips on her from enabling "basic shades" to "hardware skinning," which was already enabled. So far, nothing has helped fix this. One friend was ab
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